New Steam Updates Detailed

GamerZines: Valve has revealed the latest set of features to hit their Steamworks service, the tool which allows game developers to add their wares to Steam, including support for in-game microtransactions.

The latest brochure - linked after jump - shows what Steam updates gamers can expect in 2010 including a new look games library which will allow easier tracking of achievements in a more ergonomic fashion, and the ability to buy downloadable game content without having to go back to the desktop.

This brings Steam's content delivery and user interface more in line with similar online platforms like PSN and Xbox Live.

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tdrules3499d ago

VALVe, I thought you were cool.

Ah well, the amount of free content I get from them makes it OK.

TABSF3499d ago

Micro-transactions is for games like MMO or FPS

Its to purchase Items for your characters
It may also be for Valve new thing, Gamers pay for the Development of the game with micro-transactions

nothing to worry about

L4D 1 & 2 content will be free on PC same with any TF2 update

champ213499d ago

The new UI looks awesome thats for sure.

TABSF3499d ago

Nothing new

This update is already available on Steam just click on the New UI (User Interface) under beta than restart Steam

I love the new look of Steam