GFB: Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon Review

GFB writes: "Like a lot of gamers I've been eagerly anticipating the release of Fragile Dreams since the game's initial reveal back in 2008. Hiroya Hatsushiba and tri-Crescendo's latest title has a natural appeal thanks to imaginative environments and original ideas that, let's be honest, aren't too common on the Wii. Thankfully it's finally here and we can take on the role of fifteen year-old protagonist Seto as we set out to see if we are the last person alive and find out what happened to create this desolate wasteland."

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Venox20083500d ago

I'm playin' it at the moment, don't trust bad reviews about it, yes..I know it's a bit to simple in combat, but everything remaining is very good, nice graphics, good story, music.. One of the unique games on the wii.. please try it and support developers, that they could make more games like this.. :)

hatchimatchi3500d ago

I think people need to trust the "bad" reviews.

The game is great but has it's fair share of problems. If you can be patient enough with a sub-par camera & battle system then you'll be treated to one of the best looking & sounding games on any console.

I think destructoid's review hit the nail on the head. It talks about how the game can be insanely frustrating due to flawed mechanics but it also goes into great detail as to why people should play it and be patient with it.

Venox20083499d ago

I 'm not talking about graphics like many pixels & etc.. I talk about colours, art style.. and most of all about this game's story :) ..

I'm enjoying this game a lot at the moment.. :)