$750 Gaming PC, Next Gen graphics today


Crysis on Very high 1080p 35fps
Modern Warfare 2 Maxed out 1080p 81fps
dirt 2 1080p 8x AA 60fps

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champ214816d ago

Thats a darn good rig for that price, though i would make some adjustments to that spec. Make it even cheaper.

Cold 20004816d ago this how much a gaming PC costs...

FangBlade4816d ago

You wanna know how much 576p gaming PC costs?

Aphe4816d ago

Let's keep it to pcs that do 1080p FangBlade.

thereapersson4816d ago

Nice to know I'm not the only one that caught that.

Cold 20004816d ago (Edited 4816d ago )

Can you actually give me a list of what PC games do expect to play at 576p ?

Want to see how dumb you are. Go ahead.

edit: yeah...kind of thought lmao.

G3TDOWN4816d ago

I hate upgradig ! everyday new things come and u have to be upgraded, I HATE THAT

kevnb4816d ago

I hate consoles, every day games come out that under perform and are at low res. Worst of all, there's nothing I can do to make those games play any better.

thereapersson4816d ago (Edited 4816d ago )

I'm sure that games don't support 576p as a resolution, but you can play around that, or lower on nearly any PC. A computer that costs less than the 360 with a HDD will be able to play games at that same resolution, will most likely even play them at 1280 x 720, and that was the point he was getting at. You were stealth trolling, and he shot back at you; now you're getting defensive.

@ KevnB

Not all consoles are built the same. Don't make generalized statements.

sid4gamerfreak4816d ago

nice rig...

Its great to be gaming on a pc this and nex gen...

Letros4816d ago (Edited 4816d ago )

lol 576 res...god that would kill my eyes, I was running Quake 2 at higher resolutions than that 13 years ago.

Jinxstar4816d ago (Edited 4816d ago )

It's a good price but unless you plan on using your TV or an old monitor you'd probably need to get one to match it... As well as a good sound system/headphones and a few other misc things but overall it's about right.

LinuxGuru4816d ago

Fangblade made a funny. He's talking about the Xbox 360.

dredgewalker4816d ago

Wow i can't believe Cold fell for that hook, line and sinker. I mean i can't believe he didn't get what Fangblade meant.

Jessewb4816d ago


Thanks man, I thought no one was going to catch that one.
I couldn't believe they were taking it seriously.

Nikuma4816d ago

The intelligence of your average 360 fanboy at work.

xTruthx4816d ago (Edited 4816d ago )


What are you talking about ? I haven't upgraded my PC in over 2 years and I can still play current games on Max

I can get you a list now of pc parts that would cost you a total of $425 dollars and you would be able to play 90% of the games on max

arny4815d ago

and it cheaper than a start off console gamer you probably have to pay double this to buy a good tv and then a console and youll still be stuck with 720p games which some people try to prove they run at 1080p. Even if they run at 1080p a good pc will run at 2560p

ProjectVulcan4815d ago (Edited 4815d ago )

Cant build your own machine? You can even get cheap prebuilt machines these days. Check this baby out:

420 pounds for a quad core, 1TB HDD, 4Gb memory and a 4850. Keyboard and mouse included! Lol. Vista home is maybe the only major let down, but for the price of a prebuilt machine the specs are quite impressive and needless to say a lot faster than the consoles.

Blaster_Master4815d ago (Edited 4815d ago )

Its not about teh grapix, its about the games. Its not about how much resolution a game is, sure pc games are pretty, but there are great games that come to consoles that you cant get on pc. I could go on about how great my ps3 is, but im too busy playing games on it, and honestly, I love my pc too. Its an awesome time to be a gamer.

HolyOrangeCows4815d ago (Edited 4815d ago )

I thought about joining PC gaming, but there's too much DRM these days. I'd rather be in control of my product.

BTW: It's missing an operating system.

xTruthx4815d ago


You can always get around that believe me lol, and most of the games that are good don't have it.

specialguest4815d ago

I love gaming at a standard 60fps on almost every PC games out there.

xTruthx4815d ago

You can always tweak the files and make them run at 120 fps or more. But 120 is more than enough.

evrfighter4815d ago

Never seen this much comments in an article based on pc costs.

I could only imagine that the console fanboys here have just realized that gaming at 1080p can indeed be a reality for them.

You really can't go wrong for the price the pc REALLY does do everything. streaming, burning, downloading, gaming, talking with ur friends on a mic, surfing porn all at once...

$750 is highway robbery. The specs are pretty sweet actually.

Kakkoii4815d ago


One would assume you already own a computer. And thus already own an OS. So why pay for the OS again? Just install it on the new computer. Hell you don't even need to, just add your hard drive from your old computer to this one, set it as the master and boot up. You'll need to install new drivers of course for the new hardware.

badz1494815d ago

$750 but missing the OS? oh no they didn't - if you know what I mean! PC gamers can skip the DRM and the cost of the games too if they want - again, if you know what I mean! (^_^)

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Bereaver4816d ago

And that's without a monitor, without nice sound, without a mouse, and without a keyboard. Did they include tax?

I would rather buy both a 360 and a ps3 slim.

champ214816d ago (Edited 4816d ago )

Dont forget to add the price for that HDTV on the ps3 or the xbox.

Dunno about you but i been using the same Mouse i bought from 8years back, my keyboards around 3yrs old, speaker being about 10yrs old too still work great. Many parts are already present when ppl build stuff themselves. This is a great rig.

t8504816d ago

I would hook that beast up to a HDMI tv and enjoy 1080p graphics on all my games with 60fps+

Bereaver4816d ago

Yeah but you're forgetting that you could possibly get out the door with both the 360 and ps3 for cheaper than that one rig. I said, if I had to pay $750, then I would choose something else. I mean, even though I brag about graphics in the console war, doesn't mean I'm a complete graphics whore.

So, let's change it up a bit, let's retract my statement about buying both systems, and confine it to just one.

I would buy one of the systems (i need a ps3slim), and then what would the problem be? Anyone thinking about multiplayer split screen games? Don't you usually need two computers for that?

And about the using the mouse a while, true that, but you still gotta buy one. I gotta have a mouse with at least a 6 button layout. And a keyboard with volume settings.

I know it's not much, but every little bit adds up.

t8504816d ago

The rig just inst used for gaming, it does a whole lot more then that. Everyone needs a PC at home anyways. Making it into that Gaming rig would cost lower then getting a ps3 or xbox.

Also dont forget you save on every game bought on that rig. Niether do you have to pay for online charges. Dlcs are sometimes free. In the long run that rig will be cheaper then either console.

Yes i do agree with you that splitscreen isnt that well supported on PC. Though games like L4D support splitscreen. There arent too many games on Consoles either these days that support splitscreen, since developers would rather have people buy more copies. Personally i find splitscreen gaming rather annoying though it is a option to have.

ps3ftwin4816d ago


you could remove one of the Gpus on that system and bring the price down to 650usd if price is such a issue.

Since a single 4850 would still play all games at 1080p, having it in crossfire is just a luxury. Tahts the beauty of PC gaming its very versatile.

Bereaver4816d ago

Why do I have so many disagrees? Does anyone know that my computer can run Crysis at 50fps at a nice resolution? And that was three years ago.

It cost me a little less than a grand.

jy_mrnd4816d ago

Rather buy a 360 and ps3 slim are you a stupid.Steam and PC gaming for life!



Well, if you want a Console, you better have an HDTV.
Having an HDTV, means the PC can be connected to the HDTV. And you don't need a Monitor...

Also, Gaming at 1080p or better NATIVE for PC. In consoles 1080p don't exist, it is upscaled.

Saturnize4815d ago

Wow you are one of the few people who know that.

badz1494815d ago (Edited 4815d ago )

I know your PC is powerful and such but to say that 1080p doesn't exist on consoles is just pure denial! I know it's not all but there are 1080p games! it's just like not all PCs can run all games at max! try and prove me wrong!

t8504815d ago

sure a pc fom 2004 wont play current games at 1080p, however anything as recent as 3yrs old will. Anyone serious into Gaming doesnt mind spending 100usd on a gpu to be able to play @1080p, something consoles cant do on all their games. They do it for like 5% of their games.

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SonySoldiers4816d ago (Edited 4816d ago )

YOU CAN GET TWO PS3D MOVE..18Mp x128WAAR [email protected] GUARANTEED, plus 1:1Mind controller..FUTURE GEN GRAPHICS TODAY

TD_RJ4816d ago


Tarmgar4816d ago

Unless you live in one of the few states that charge online taxes on websites other than retail websites, tax is not a worry. And Crossfired 4850's is AMAZINGLY GOOOOOOOD.

ipe4816d ago

some of u are soo lucky to live in us,this pc in most parts of eu is well over 1000$.Stupid euro and taxes.

Spiderman4816d ago

I built a gaming pc 2 weeks ago, cost me £500. And i got better parts than this.