GameShard: Castlevania- Rondo of Blood Review

GameShard writes: "the challenge might well mean some people will pick this game up, get absolutely annihilated on some of the basic enemies let alone the even harder bosses and never play it again.

But to those that stick with it, one of the most rewarding Castlevania experiences ever will be the reward. The Castlevania series is truly ladened with treasures throughout, but this one is one of the priceless diamonds. "

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Main_Street_Saint3499d ago

I just got the game yesterday and man it is one of the most hard core Castlevania games yet. I really love it a lot. definitely a 10 out of 10.

Everyone who is a die hard Castlevania fan needs to pick this title up right now. Don't wait! Well worth the 900 points ($9).

Note: One really glaring error in the review is the fact he does correctly identify the Japanese system as the PC engine but makes the error of saying it is called the Turbografx in Japan (it is the other way around).

splinter3499d ago

Thanks for the comment, and well spotted- this has now been amended in the review. Thanks!