The Settlers 7 Specs Revealed

Ubisoft has revealed the system requirements for The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom.

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TABSF3497d ago

I loved the demo
I'm boycotting this game because of Ubisoft's DRM

Shame really

mumarkz3497d ago

I miss the old Production line mentality of the old Settlers games....Looks like my PC can handle it though, so I may give the demo a shot.

Pebz3497d ago

Settlers 3 was also my favourite, a pity the series went downhill after. I'll reserve my judgment until I play it, but I fear settlers 7 will be another pretty, but streamlined and action-oriented game.

dragonelite3497d ago

I would say try the demo did get the settlers 3 and 4 feeling from it.

Nice example was when i played my first game i forgot to make a tool maker and later in the game i couldn't make any progress because no tools available did bring back a bad :p memory when i played settlers 3 or 4 long time that i played it and made the same mistake.

Ubisoft can actually easily port this game to consoles because of the lodge system that makes building stuff easier.And managing your militairy it seems you only have generals you can select to send your troops over the mapss works actually good because militairy in settlers was always boring and stupid was like taking forever to capture a tower soldier going 1 vs 1 on the tower guards while i had like 100 soldier there.

Dont get me wrong settler for me is not competitive playing but more relax making a civilization a bit slow paced compared to the starcraft 2 crowds that want speedy rts.