Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Squad Pack Deal

Steam has listed the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Squad Pack as available, effectively offering up a '3 for the price of 4' discount on DICE's shooter.

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champ213500d ago

Pc games usually are cheap already but these deals are insane, 37usd a copy.

Wish this was out when my group was buying the game, we usually pick up the squad packs from steam, monster savings imo.

jjohan353498d ago

This article was written incorrectly. It's 4 for the price of 3, not 3 for the price of 4! You're getting 4 copies for $150, which is how much 3 copies would cost!

sid4gamerfreak3499d ago

@champ21: ISn't it nice to buy cheap games and play them on high resolutions on the pc?

champ213499d ago

I recently upgraded to eyefinity. I now play at 5760*1080. 1080p is now last last gen for me lol.

Whats cool is i built most of the rig with the money i saved on games, 80 games bought in last 2 years on steam over 1300usd saved on games alone compared to buying them on a console.

qwertyuiopasdfghjkl3499d ago

These deals are only in place because the PC version sucks ****.

I am NOT joking. The multiplayer portion is borderline unplayable.

champ213499d ago

so the console version running in sub hd, below an avg of 30fps is better right? lol while costing more and charging for online.

There is no comparison between PC version and console.

qwertyuiopasdfghjkl3498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

FACT. Both console versions run in 720p.

FACT. PS3 online is FREE.

FACT. Game startup to in-server play in the console version is minutes FASTER than a 7200RPM PC with high graphics. Why? Because EA Online is garbage in the PC version.

FACT. Disconnects and failure to login instances happen far too often in the PC version. Seriously, this is sickening, EA/Dice should be embarrassed. (If they care, after all the console versions connect perfectly)

FALSE. PC servers are smoother, with less lag. This statement is far from true, I've played the PS3, 360, and PC version of BC2, and server after server proved the game has issues on the PC.

FACT. I laugh everytime a PC gamer defends this game. Bad Company 2 was made for the consoles, End Story. Sure you can run the game @ 1920x1200+ with DX11 etc etc... but Competitively? Enjoyably? HA!

champ213498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

what sort of disconnects and login failures are you talking about? i havent experienced any with 30hours of gameplay so far.

Also id rather play the game with higher res and 60fps+ rather then sub 30fps and 720p.

The console version and pc version both have their problems.. saying the pc version sucks is naive imo since its best version to get.

Its been stated by Dice that more ppl are playing this on PC then both consoles combined. Check out the steam Sales charts the game has been topping the charts since the last 2 months now. Dont think many ppl would be playing it on PC had it been as messed up as you make it out to be.

JsonHenry3498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

Hey Silent, I have put in over 26.6 hours just this week one the PC version (STEAM keep track of my play time).

So what is this about the PC version being unplayable online?

Also being able to select the server you want based on ping is always nice. So that laggy experience is only available if you purposefully choose a laggy server.

peowpeow3498d ago

Do consoles have local or a country preference setting? In the last game it was unplayable, due to it connecting to american servers all the time. If that's still the case then PC is better for us as we can choose servers.
1080p & 60fps+ is more than worth it ! Keyboard & mouse provide more and tighter competition, no doubt

dirthurts3498d ago

Are absolutely wrong.
I have no problems here. Everything is fast, smooth and fantastic.
Free online with dedicated servers, intense graphics, and much better controls.
I don't know what's wrong with your computers...or technical skill as it may be but everyone else is doing great.

qwertyuiopasdfghjkl3498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

Absolute is 100%. What your saying is... just because you haven't had any problems, that me and my friends MUST be wrong. The game is perfect, I mean cmon, it runs PERFECT on YOUR ****ing PC!...

The way I see it? Me and SIX... SIX FRIENDS, with an extremely vast knowledge of PC gaming, getting all sorts of errors and disconnects!

Did I just jizz on your perfect world? or what?

Absolute? What the **** are they teaching you kids in public school?!?!

Edit: JsonHenry... I said BORDERLINE unplayable... meaning, its just about unplayable, about 9/10 unplayable, 90%, etc

Your experience =/= EVERYONES experience.

This site amazes me... I give cold hard facts, and you call me a liar or something... honestly, I can sit any of you down and show you why this game is better on the console, and you'll just say "But teh graphix and keyb/mouse."

Right, my friend loves the game in 1080p max settings, but he'd also like to play the game without any ****ing issues!

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qwertyuiopasdfghjkl3498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

If you own a PC... DO NOT BUY.

It'll give you nothing but problems. Six of my friends bought the game for the PC, all SIX hate it, I'm talking HOURS trying to connect to a game, or an hour or two of crashing! I don't get PC gamers... seriously, zip up your pants and buy a 360 or PS3.

t8503498d ago

Lol too little too late, the games topping charts on steam. You should have trolled far in advance.

Perhaps created a petition :P

peowpeow3498d ago

LOL agreed.

My friend says the initial server problems are inexistant

jsc249jobal3498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

PC games have been and will always be better than console gaming. The one downside is that about every two-three years you need an upgrade to play the newest game well, which it seems you and your SIX friends are playing on old rigs. But seriously....better framerates, better AA, better textures, better character control via mouse and keyboard, able to choose server. Plus, this game has dedicated servers, how the heck is every game laggy with dedicated servers? With dedicated servers comes mod support etc..look at team fortress 2. I have played the console versions and let me tell you, playing it on PC, it is a FAR different game with my ping at a constant 43 and very skilled players everywhere, not just here and there. Get your facts straight or stfu, seriously.

champ213498d ago

My laptop which features the following spec:

2.6ghz dual core cpu
GTX 260M (equal to a 8800gt, hence 3yrs old in comparison to modern day gpus)
4gb ram

Game runs @ 60fps+ 1080p, better then any console can play it.

The example alone defeats the myth of constant upgrades.

qwertyuiopasdfghjkl3498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

Alright, you asked for it...

All tests were done exactly the same, in the same servers, in the PC's case, all tests were done in the lowest ping'd servers.

1. Using the Play Now feature, after picking a map and gametype, the time it took from PS3 XMB to inside a server shooting a weapon is MINUTES less than using a PC with maxed out graphics, 7200rpm drive etc.

2. Spotting is seamless on the PS3, people and vehicles are spotted almost instantly on the PS3, while the PC takes a frustrating amount of tries to spot. (This is a ongoing issue with EVERYONE I play with. (Servers are 100 ping or below, read GOOD)

3. Players in the console version are smarter, use more teamwork, drive better, fly better, etc. I don't know what kind of drugs the PC community are smoking, but man they suck! Maybe its because they can't spot people? Or because the game LAGS harder than my crusty old grandmother walking up the stairs! ... Seriously, she needs a lift or something.

4. Bad Company 2 was a bad example for Dedicated server use, because YOU yourself cannot host a server, you have to rent a hosting service... which is pretty ****ing stupid if you ask old school gaming people like me and my crew.

5. The above creates issues when EA online when they arent talking to said servers, or punkbuster vica versa. This happens REGULARLY. Hopefully they fix this, its quite frustrating, as is my next factoid...

6. Logging into EA online... WTF IS WITH THIS? Why does it suck? Did they not learn anything from BF2 or 2142? Or is this a console game running on the PC... oh wait.

7. This is a CONSOLE GAME. I've had less issues with the PS3 beta back in November when comparing them to the PC RELEASE!

Explain that one for me...

Don't gimme any **** about thousands of PC combination's etc... because it DOESNT apply to any of the issues above.

jsc249jobal3498d ago

You keep saying everyone is having problems but after many google searchs, all I can come up with are LAUNCH trouble, which EA is very well known for underestimating the initial demand for their games. How are you and your mysterious six friends the end-all of proof but there are not dozens of forums listing the same FACTS as you are? You are either a retarded pc user, a complete console loyalist or both because I seriously doubt that the biggest gaming platform (cough the pc cough) would be ported from a ps3 or xbox 360. I currently own and LOVE my ps3 but I know if I want the top of the line gaming experience and community support, get the pc version.

@ champ21: Dude, if you bought that rig a couple years ago you must have paid some serious money for it. No way a normal gaming pc two years back could play bfbc2 or me2 on high settings now. I just don't see it.

champ213498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

my laptop is year old now. its slightly weaker to what a top of the line pc would have been 3 yrs back. hence it plays this game maxed out.

Hence if someone would have bought a 1000usd pc back when ps3 was 600usd. then it will still play this game maxed out in dx 10 60fps.

Also a friend of mine has a 8800gtx (which is 3yrs old now, released when the ps3 released) it plays this game maxed out, which is better then what the ps3 can do. Not only that, throw any multiplat on the 8800gtx and it always beats the consoles. Igns head to heads are an evidence to this.

A well built PC will not need upgrades for 4yrs atleast. Specially this gen since games are made with consoles in view, much upgrades arent needed on PC either, since console hardware isnt getting any better as the years pass by.

jsc249jobal3498d ago

hmm...seems I was wrong. This news makes me happy since I just purchased my laptop with 2.2 duo core, 4 gig ddr3 ram, GeForce GT 230M 1gb dedicated memory this year. Cheers =)

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ecke3498d ago

If you hate consoles over everything else in the world, and salutes PC for being gods gift to mankind, and vice versa, then keep it to yourself!
It brings nothing but useless hate between totally different platforms and game experience.
If you want the game with nicer graphics, more accurate controls and free online playing (this in comparison to 50% of the consoles of course) and you got the money for it, then stop whining and get the PC version.
If you already got a console for different purposes eg. exclusives etc, and don't have the money for the corresponding worthplaying PC, then buy the freaking console version.
If this sort of debate goes on, the world war III will be all about the right goddamn platform!

qwertyuiopasdfghjkl3498d ago

I'm trying to save some frustration from happening to would-be PC buyers.

It's simple really. The consoles versions work.

The PC version works... sometimes. If at all...

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