Blogcritics: God Of War 3 Review

Matt Paprocki writes: While much of GoW III will seem familiar, the series has existed, from the beginning, to send your jaw not just to the floor, but through it to the basement. There is no question this entry has that capability, whether in the sheer shock value that Kratos is playing Guitar Hero, or that he is fighting a Titan inside and out.

The latter is a staggering, unforgettable level wide brawl. Kratos begins on the Titan's arms, disgustingly popping various skin problems, before being swallowed in spectacular fashion. Being who he is, Kratos does not stand for being eaten, working his way out of potential digestion as only he could. It is a moment you will not forget, even though you may want the insanely gory imagery out of your mind soon after.

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