Hamlet: The Video Game?

J. Evangelho writes:

"Since early 2009, a Russian game developer known as mif2000 has been quietly toiling away on a colorful new indie game called "Gamelet" but later renamed to (clears throat):

HAMLET or Last Game Without MMORPG Elements, Shaders and Product Placements.

More interesting than the snarky title, however, is the fact that it's actually an adventure game based on Shakespeare's Hamlet."

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reluctant_gamer3499d ago

I have no words...this will either be brilliant or a total flop.

LeonSKennedy4Life3499d ago

Haha. Final Fantasy Versus XIII is already going to be based on Hamlet. Good luck outdoing that!

killyourfm3499d ago

Please go away. I sincerely a doubt a single Russian indie developer has any aspirations of "outdoing" Square-Enix.

bjornbear3499d ago

there is a good sum of fighting in Hamlet..lets hope it works out =D!