Alan Wake's 5 Year Development: Will it Pay Off?

2005 was a great year for showing off unbelievable, never before seen video games that caught many by surprise. One of the games during E3 2005, was Killzone for the PS3, a remarkable gameplay video clip was played for many during the conference that changed the way we looked at games. Along came the Xbox 360 heavy hitter, "Gears of War", putting the Xbox 360 on the map with it's unique multiplayer/co-op and its impressive graphics. Then there was a title, by the name of Alan Wake. Alan Wake was first announced at E3 2005, when plans were to release it for the PC and the Xbox 360. In 2009, the developers of Alan Wake "Remedy Entertainment" threw the PC version out the window, and focused solely on the Xbox 360 version. Along the way, Remedy has implemented new ideas, threw out a few, accomplished tasks within the main task, and have kept themselves motivated throughout the game's development. But how much pressure must the developing team be feeling in 2010, about 5 plus years after they announced Alan Wake?

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swiftshot933495d ago

Gameplay is a question mark for me so far, but this game has a lot of potential.

Its very cool to see how Remedy inspired the God of War 3 ending, if anyone finished the game you know what Im talking about ;)

Chupa-Chupa3495d ago

I agree it looks great,a 360 game I'm really looking forward to. Controls look smooth, but I see how they might me questionable.

3495d ago
Syronicus3495d ago

If this has been in developement for over 5 years then it better look as good or better than Killzone 2. In the end, the graphics need to look good but more than that, the game needs to play well. If it is short, looks average and handles "ok". then no, the 5 years was not worth it.

sid4gamerfreak3495d ago

The game has a lot of potential, let's hope those 5 years have payed off.

ATLGAMER3495d ago

Hopefully it is not a splinter cell debacle ..

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Kahvipannu3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

Remedy is really small finnish company, and you can count that "open world" in-house engine to that time. So 5 years sounds realistic for this game/engine.

I'm damn happy that MS took the chance back in 2005, and made publishing deal with Remedy, since otherwise this game may not never have seen the day light.

I'm really exited about this title (I'm finn too), since there doesn't come big titles like this every day from Finland.

And come on people, it's Remedy. They if someone knows how to make action/shooting action enjoyable.

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Inside_out3495d ago

Alan Wake should sell many MANY copies...This style of game play has a huge following...Resident Evil and L4dead ( xbox exclusive ) always sell well and this game is right up the zombie obsessed game players alley....INCREDIBLE graphics and sound...great art direction, story and production value...did it take to long to make??? bet....was it worth it...Find out in May...this could be huge....

Why are PS3 gamers following a thread of a game that's ONLY on the 360???....hmmm...You know guys, you could buy a 360 play along with everyone else ( gamers ) and judge the game for yourself...

Microsoft is gonna have a big doubt...Sony has a couple decent games this yr too...E3 is gonna be EPIC....Wonder why Micro hasn't released much info on E3???...Big surprise maybe???...May seems so far away...

BTW...for those that are interested, Ubisoft released 2 vids showing Splinter Cell Conviction DEMO in action, 1 is stealth the other is assault...check it out. Can watch it at Gamersyde...AMAZING game play...mid April ( 13th ) release....cheers...

ThatCanadianGuy3495d ago

I own a 36O.I can go in the 360 section if i want.

And LMAO! I love how you put so much emphasis on the "ONLY on Xbox" LOL!
It's almost as if you're used to having all your games derived of PC ports lololol

Marty83703495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

Alan who? It's already been forgot, since PC version was canned. Time to move on. lol

Jump Out, Play B3yond


TheXgamerLive3495d ago

Here's why Xbox 360 title Alan Wake will be great.

first, Alan wake is a GAME that looks like a movie. Unlike the wannabe games of mgs4 and heavy rain, they looked ok, but weren't really playable especially heavy rain, it's almost 88% all cut scene (pre rendered) video and not game play, so if might be ok to watch and then chose an action to watch again, however it fails as a playable game, where as Alan Wake looks like a movie but is 100% playable as a video game. Your not forced to sit and watch hrs. of video with your hands in your laps, you actually PLAY it.

you little sony wannabe's can hate all ya want but it's truth, Alan Wake will rule.

Def Warrant3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

Considering Alan Wake is my most anticipated 360 exclusive, it had better deliver something extraordinary. I'm sick of 360 games coming up short and getting free passes. Impress me dammit. After all i am the gamer.

Edit: @ below

Short term memory i see.
1. Gears 2 mediocre MP
2. Halo Wars
3. Halo: ODST
4. Ninja Blade

Need more? These games didn't even attempt to push the envelope in anyway or form.


Which games are you talking about? I want to avoid them...


Those were great games...IMO, HA!

3495d ago
Dance3495d ago

Allowing a random stranger on the net to decide on which games you do or do not play is the first signs of brain damage

Def Warrant3495d ago

True that. Funny thing is i was speaking on behalf of my personal experience with 360 exclusives which is totally subjective and dude went in total defensive mode lol. Gotta love damage control.

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