'It's a mistake to not be developing for the PS3'

This week on his Pach Attack podcast, Wedbush Morgan's games analyst, Michael Pachter covered a few questions in his short show. Though one statement stood out, when he called out developer Valve by saying, " I still kinda wonder about companies like Valve that seem to not be interested in the PS3, I think that's kind of a mistake, because they are a first rate, you know, world class developers. I think that they could make some games that could really do well on the PS3." but with Valve focused on Xbox 360 and PC games only he went on to say " As long as Valve is around the PC is around."

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FanboyAttack3495d ago

PC and Microsoft are one thing. PC games, Steam, Xbox360, Xbox live, Windows Live, Games for Windows, its all the same thing. Developing for the PS3 might cost too much. And since games sell better on the Xbox 360 it's probably wise to not waste much money in development costs if people are just gonna buy the game for PC or Xbox 360 anyway. Plus PS3 fans hate Valve anyway. And true Valve fans either own a PC or and Xbox.

bobcostus3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

"games sell better on the 360" Says who? Just because CERTAIN games sell better, doesn't mean they all do.

Also, why should I the gamer care if the 360 version of MW2 sold better on 360 when I'm busy enjoying Uncharted 1 and 2, GoW3, KZ2, Infamous, Resistance 1 and 2, Rachet and Clank, etc etc, the list goes on.

Sales don't mean anything to me. If microsoft had as many killer first party games, the multiplats wouldn't sell as well, I guarantee it. The more great games that there are, the more spread out the sales.

You, also, are in no position to comment on development costs. The PS3 has a different coding structure and alot of developers claim to not have the time, money, or willpower needed to learn the system. Their loss.

Valve will develop for the PS3 in the future, just wait. The PS3 is becoming extremely tough to ignore.

blitz06233495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

Why would you care if games sell better on the 360? So you can play with more people online?

Developers have already expressed their concerns on the 360 disc capacity and one by one they will realize the PS3 can offer more than the 360. Exclusives have already proven it.

So it's not just the people who don't own a PS3 that are missing out on these games, but also developers looking for a console that can provide them with huge potential.

Government Cheese3495d ago

Once again Pachter states the obvious... what else is new

Dragun6193495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

I think its cool, I'm fine with Valve not developing for the PS3. If Valve says there not ready to develop for the PS3, then there not ready.

Its better for them to expand their resources and when they feel confident and comfortable in their position, they can develop on the PS3 rather than hire a bunch of people and rush development for a port like what EA did with Orange Box PS3.

Though, I agree with Patcher to an extent, For Big Publishers such as Capcom, EA, and Activision it would certainly help them to have PS3 as lead platform and explore what the PS3 can offer especially if they want to outmatch the quality Sony First party studios keeps on releasing.

Rainstorm813495d ago

Hmmm. I wonder why that is????? Maybe because for the longest time Valve hated the PS3.

If you are a developer looking to make the best game possible it is definately a mistake skipping ps3 development.

As 1.3 said good ole Pach.....Attacking the obvious.

rdgneoz33495d ago

Might be due to Valve hating the ps3, never fixing problems with their own games on the ps3 of bringing the additional content they make for the 360 / PC versions of the game to the ps3 version...

evrfighter3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

awww did Valve hurt the poor wittle ps3's feewings?


I don't remember Valve saying anything about the the ps3 user base. Why so much QQ about what one company thinks of a Corporation's product?

"never fixing problems with their own games on the ps3"
another ps3 fanboy needs re-edumucation. eventually you'll figure out why I lawl'd at that.

Viper73495d ago

Actually what Patcher is really trying to say here is that its a mistake not to be developing for Ps3 or X360. Both consoles sell games pretty well and just looking at chases like Call of duty4 will make many publishers think about making their games to both platforms (or at least those who are confident that they can make high quality games that sell).

The logic is fairly simple, if the game sells 4million on 1 platform and 6 million on 2 platforms it doesn't matter if Ps3 games sell less in US or UK as they still sell well enough to justify the extra cost

rockleex3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

Square Enix making 3 JRPG's exclusively for the 360. @[email protected]

The 360 has the smallest JRPG audience of any console or handheld.
It also has barely any presence in Japan... where JRPG's are most beloved.

Worst business decision this generation!

FFXIII was at least a smart business decision, although some may call it foul play for changing exclusivity at the last minute.

Syronicus3495d ago

Will be in the next couple years to come. Even the most idiotic of fanboy developers need to make money and when they see the PS3 user base take over the lion share of the market then they will run into the arms of Sony. Sad part of it is that they will not be up to par on the tech so they will struggle when others who are currently dev'ing for the PS3 will be putting out games that make Valve look like kindergartners. Sorry, but the Source engine is trash and looks like garbage compared to what we have seen in games like GOWIII and Uncharted 2. Heck, even Uncharted looks better than anything Valve has released in the past five years.

vhero3495d ago

Once 360 finally dies off Valve will probably stick with PC which they should have stayed with in the first place as lets face it thats there playground anyways. PS3 doesn't need them lets just shut up about them now eh?

siyrobbo3495d ago

Thats a bit of a stupid comment really, games do generally sell better on the XBOX, but that doesn't mean they don't sell at all on PS3

Take modern warfare 2, it sold more on 360 yes, but it still sold like 4 million + and counting on the PS3

Theres a difference between sales and profitability

sid4gamerfreak3495d ago

"Its a mistake not to be developing for the ps3"

Glad that has been realized. More and more companies are realizing that the ps3 has even more untapped potential. The future of the ps3 seems bright...

sikbeta3495d ago

Leave Valve alone, if they don't want/can't make games for PS3, that's their Problem and what the first dude said is just plain dumb, nobody cares what console sell more, the only important thing is That you can Play those Games, also Sony Really Has the Advantage Here, First Party Games Play a Major Roll than Third-Party Time Exclusives and such...

Cueil3495d ago

They make money hand over fist and their profit margins are fine on the PC and 360... if they make a game for the PS3 it's going to be a good will gesture

3495d ago
maxcer3495d ago

@1.9 "Square Enix making 3 JRPG's exclusively for the 360. @[email protected]
The 360 has the smallest JRPG audience of any console or handheld.
It also has barely any presence in Japan... where JRPG's are most beloved.
Worst business decision this generation!"

SE received 360development kits before ps3kits, what was SE supposed to do? wait until sony sent out devkits for ps3? retarded. I guess to make you happy they should have just sat on their ass until ps3 dev kits arrived.

ffs get a clue

hakis863495d ago

The thing I see the future Xbox/playstation have in advantage over OnLive (which the PS3 will get) Is 3D Gaming. I'm not sure if that little box can decode a 3D-signal and if it's 3DTV compatible. And if it is, would that mean that they have to transmit even more data between their servers and the client?

Consoldtobots3495d ago

I said it before and I'll say it again

WHO CARES what platform Valve develops for. PS3 exclusives have turned multiplatform development into a 4 letter word this generation. Sure you can still deliver quality multiplat experiences (BC2) but as far as pushing the envelope and in turn pushing developers to refine and increase their craft multiplats have become completely IRRELEVANT. PS3 exclusives are the ones delivering shock and awe. I don't see that changing anytime soon and woe to the developer who let politics blind his instinct for survival.

OmegaSlayer3495d ago

The point is only one, and has nothing to do with Valve hate.
The more good games we have on the PS3 the better.
I never played any Valve game, but a lot of people want to play them on their console of choice, so where's the problem in having the choice to buy them or not.

Also another very good point that has been posted is that Sony first part games are pushing the boundaries, so if you want to showcase your talent as a dev, you can't avoid the release on the PS3, because you look like a loser.

arny3495d ago

I guess if they want more money they can start making games for the ps3 of they want the same amount of money they get now they should keep on making game for PC and the 360

I dont think ms will let the 360 die off they will keep on doing something to make it last longer.

silkrevolver3495d ago

I don’t think I’ve ever seen that many dislikes...

evilmonkey5013495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

Besides your statement being inaccurate, sales doesn't matter to anyone other than who's making the money. Ps3 games sell just fine, if not better, thank you.

Immortal3213495d ago

you wanna be businessmen! stick to gaming, until you start getting paid for this kind of stuff. As far as I know, you never worked at gaming development for either company.

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poe3495d ago

I think it's less of a mistake and more of a choice.... A good choice.

Das_Bastardion3495d ago

Just like being a complete mongoloid like you is also a matter of choice... a good choice right?

evilmonkey5013495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

Its not a choice. Valve doesn't know HOW To develop for the cell processor.Its more of like: "we would LOVE to develop for the ps3 but we cant figure it out." Their recent hiring of ps3 staff from other studios just goes to show their WANT to. It will happen. eventually.These guys are just hardcore x86 devs.

TheOutsider3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )


poe3495d ago

It's a wise choice not a bad mistake. Noone on PS3 wants Valve anyways.

eemoemo523495d ago

It's a bad business decision by Valve. Just think of the bad ass gaming experiences that could be on PS3. They are cutting their potential market in half.

Crazyhorse3495d ago

That's not tru somepeople dont wan Valve because theyr mad at them but not me I want Portal 2 but oh well I just get into PC. For Portal 2

Noob3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

The fact they couldn't get that old ass source engine running properly on PS3 scared them away. I think it's sad and embarrassing for such a highly praised developer.

Rhythmattic3495d ago


As far as I'm aware, it was EA that ported the engine for the PS3's Orange Box. Valve, unfortunately, see PS3 development as expensive, and because of that, their business decision was not to develop for PS3.

A conundrum.... They are missing out on a large market, they are also saving money not entering it.

Either way, I believe its now time to bite the bullet and invest in the platform. Its only going to get bigger.

ChineseDemocracy3495d ago

To be honest, i wouldn't mind having L4D/2 on the PS3. Portal 2 would be really nice as well.

Marceles3495d ago

Portal 2 with Playstation Move compatibility would be fun as hell

redsquad3495d ago

I'd love PORTAL 2. Even a port would do, as I had no problems with the PS3 Orange Box.

Consoldtobots3495d ago

pc developers and even more so game developers are notoriously elitist aholes. Im sure Valve isn't a much different animal. That said they are kings of their ant hill and will scoff at anything that makes them look like noobs again.

StylizedPlayer3494d ago

That's wrong, only INFORMED PS3 fans hate Valve. The average Joe sees Left 4 Dead and will probably buy because all their friends have it

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eemoemo523495d ago

Whatever how it could be a good choice? There's no other way to say it than Valve just doesn't know how to develop for the PS3 and are too lazy to figure it out.