GameFocus: God of War III Review

GameFocus writes: "Back in 2007, I was so pissed off at Sony for releasing God of War on the Playstation 2 because I wanted that game to be a Playstation 3 launch title. Maybe Sony would have sold way more PS3's back then with a God of War on day one. Regardless of this, I was pretty happy with how God of War II turned out. It's taken three years, but finally, God of War III is here."


+ Easy, fun and exciting combat system
+ Outstanding visuals and sounds
+ Sense of scale during certain sequences is amazing
+ Unforgettable boss battles
+ Great balance between puzzles, platforming and combat
+ Solid and fluid controls...


- ...aside from that damn double jump
- Very linear experience

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badz1493499d ago

it's just so un-fvcking-believable with so many moments in the game and I'm still not near the end! I don't know but nah...who am I kidding! GoTY!!