A.V. Club: God Of War III Review

A.V. Club writes: "On the PlayStation2, the God Of War games established an unlikely blend of nearly pornographic violence and architectural fetishism. In each chapter, the damned anti-hero Kratos, driven well around the bend by killing his own family, explores ever-larger classical edifices while systematically slaughtering nearly everything found within. God Of War III ups the ante in both departments. Opening right where the second game left off, as Kratos assaults Olympus in a bid to kill Zeus, this concluding chapter is more technically grand and gorily excessive than ever."

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TyroneJones3496d ago

Good job for bringing God of war 3 to a 92 metascore..


zenosaga043496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

What are you talking about? It still has a 93 on metacritic

baraka0073496d ago

Yeah it's way to low to be taken serious but I'm sure some how Edge Online will find a way to score it much lower to bring the meta way down.