Platform Nation: HellKid: Hook & Jump Review

Platform Nation writes: "HellKid: Hook & Jump is a 2 dimensional side-scroller for the iPhone and iPod Touch that just recently hit the App Store and promises to deliver a fantastic "pick up and play" style of mobile gaming.

In HellKid, you are playing as the main character, Devi, who appears to be trapped in a netherworld filled with flames and despair. The goal, to collect enough souls throughout the game to become human. The "souls" come in 2 flavors, blue and golden, and span 12 levels in the "Valley of Soul" mode which increases in difficulty and speed as you move along. There is a second mode, "Valley of Despair" which is a hard and endless mode that features the same type of game play. This mode is unlocked after reaching level 5 in the "Valley of Soul" mode which isn't as easy as it sounds."

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