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Much delayed with rumours of massive re-tooling work behind the scenes, Splinter Cell: Conviction is finally in the last furlong of development and Ubisoft released a playable demo on Xbox Live just a few days ago.

Similar to BioShock and its sequel, Conviction is running using elements of Unreal Engine technology, but it's not the most recent UE3 iteration. Way back when, Ubisoft took an older version of the code and redeveloped it extensively for use in Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory. Rather than migrate to UE3 and re-engineer that, the team instead decided to build new technologies on top of its original code, resulting in the so-called LEAD engine that is the basis for Splinter Cell: Conviction.

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captain-obvious4273d ago

i think the AI still needs to be worked on

Syronicus4273d ago

The AI has never been that good in SC so it was no surprise that it was not good in the demo here. As for the rest of the game, it will be a nice rental but other than that, it is a solid 7.5 - 8.0 IMHO.

HolyOrangeCows4273d ago (Edited 4273d ago )

1024x576 and they couldn't lock it in at 30fps at least?

"i think the AI still needs to be worked on"

Inside_out4272d ago

Played it many times...A I is not great UNTIL you try to clear it in stealth mode...By that I mean minimal kills...Things get interesting real quick...

Everyone interested in this game and want to see the xbox demo in action check out the Gamersyde web site...Ubisoft released 2 complete run throughs of the is assault and one is stealth...looks amazing...Check it out...AMAZING...This game has incredible replay value...

This game might not have the most advanced graphics ( cut scenes are dull ) BUT it's graphics actually suite this game perfectly with excellent shadows and lighting effects...The game play is INCREDIBLE, some of the best this gen on any platform...

Why are so many PS3 guys trolling 360 threads and commenting on a demo they haven't even played...I thought they would be killing 1600 ft monsters or something...LMFAO...

Jamie Foxx4273d ago (Edited 4273d ago )

And in certain circumstances introduced new moves you wish snake could have,loved splinter cell.

Played the demo and It just doesn't feel like SC,I'm sure there are those that will like the changes but to me it doesn't feel like a stealth game anymore,just as mass effect doesn't feel much of an rpg both feel like tps,it seems like a trend now to cater to the more shooter orientated 360 crowd in order to sell,which is understandable but a shame also.

As a splintercell fan I hope ubisoft go back to the stealth roots of the game,and further more why is it a lower resolution than double agent?

Rainstorm814273d ago

Make games that appeal to larger audiences and abandon the fan base.

RE5, SC:C, ME2 (great game but it is more TPS than RPG), coming soon Dead Space 2, the new thing is stripping your key gameplay element for sales.

Every game dosent need to be fully action packed, some games benefit from slower gameplay, like suvival horror, stealth games, and RPGs

Michael Myers4273d ago

splinter cell is a good game to get used for like 20-25 bucks(for me anyways) i remember when i beat mgs2 i was looking for another stealth game to play with a new story and i found double agent, and it was cool. god i hope this game dosent end up like the demo, the splinter cell series are too good for that. anyone play chaos theory? nice.

thereapersson4273d ago

Don't forget about Dead Space 2. The developers pretty much came out and said how they would be ruining the series in favor of a more action-packed experience in the vein of Modern Warfare 2.


Jamie Foxx4273d ago (Edited 4273d ago )

So can't blame the developers bioware,EA or ubisoft they want sales. This is why the fanboy war is stupid because ill say this....... ps3 is a great option for true gamers who want other experiences other than shooters,heavy rain,TLC the upcoming modnation racers,not only pushing the envelope but also graphically outdoing the competition in technical prowess and resolution.

People need to grow up neither ms or sony are giving us money,we are giving them money so make sure you get your monies worth

jetlian4273d ago

on ps3 as well!!just look at sonys top 10 selling games.. so keep the ps3 out of this. theres only 4 real game types anyway.. puzzles, shooting,fighting,and driving. devs are going shooter because its sells the most period!!!

I would guess its shooter> driving> fighting> puzzle. Driving and looks to be going down and fighting coming up.

Biggest4273d ago

Here comes another opinion idiot. So those are the only 4 types of video game? Kick rocks, kid.

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badz1494273d ago

why 576p? why not pushed it to 720p as it's supposed to as a HD console game?

Nathan1234273d ago

Wasn't the previous Splinter Cell in HD? Why the sudden downgrade?

NeutralGamer4273d ago

Maybe (and I mean MAYBE) Ubisoft compressed the textures and the game to run at 576p for the sake of the demos filesize.

Dont come with that "Resolution does'nt impact filesize"-bullshit. It does, because the resolution of the skins have to fit the games resolution.

If resolutions didnt have any impact, then why did Square Enix change FF13 from 720 to 576? Cuz of the compression for the disc!

Microsoft Xbox 3604273d ago

It's called over-promising and hardware limitations.

4273d ago
Strange_Evil4273d ago

I doubt the Sub-HD res is due to the Demo. The Demo is something like 1.2 GB which is normal for most games. I mean I have seen demos of games which are less than that and run in HD. Besides, the demo itself is really short and it already weighs above a GB... I feel this is the final output res.

Mc Fadge4273d ago (Edited 4273d ago )

Now, I don't know all that much, but from what I understand resolution dictates the number of pixels on the screen. The way resolution could save space is by reducing the resolution of textures used. I mean, if your resolution is 30x30, there's no point making images 60x60, because you'll never see the extra pixels.

However, in order for that to actually be utilised to reduce the file size, you'd have to re-export or batch process every texture asset used to get them to a lower resolution, and I just don't see someone doing that for a demo.

I just don't think they got out what they wanted from the 360, but resolution can be relatively minor factor when it comes to the graphics of a game, as long as it's dealt with effectively.

rockleex4273d ago

Now you know how we PS3 owners have felt for the past couple years. ^_^

PotNoodle4273d ago

Rendering graphics on screen in certain resolutions is all code, changing the resolution of a game will make no difference in the size of the demo.

Things like audio, texture quality and detail would effect the size, but not the resolution, or things like lighting.

ATLGAMER4273d ago

with no hd medium to put it on...Also I knew this game would be no metal gear

jetlian4273d ago

game supports split screen the last one did not. Also theres more objects on screen(both interactive and not)

NeutralGamer4273d ago

The demo was not "just 1.2 gb", but 1.9 gb.
1.9 Gb for 15 minuttes gameplay is ALOT if you ask me...

badz1494272d ago

and this is an exclusive! a very title that supposed to push the hardware, no? personally, I think the DVD is the culprit here (yet again!) I don't think it's the game engine (which is the modified UE2 btw) because the game will also be available on PC and I don't think it will be 576p on PC now is it? which means, the engine is pretty much capable of pushing at least up to 1080p on PCs!

so, I think, in order to make the game longer on 1 DVD, they 'sacrificed' the native resolution (because sacrificing the fps would be stupid) so they can put in more content without the need of an extra DVD then just let the hardware do the upscaling and called it a day! afterall, 576p is 80% of 720p, so that extra 20% they saved by lowering the resolution could be utilized for extra game content/assets! just my 2 cents

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LKane4273d ago

Seems like this game will be a disappointment to classic Splinter Cell fans in almost every way.

djreplay4273d ago

They've spent 5 years working on it and its still sub-hd, these devs need to buck up a bit because surely the 360 could handle it. Why is every game coming out 576p except for alan wake.

Microsoft Xbox 3604273d ago

Halo Reach is next on the sub-HD list.

pimpmaster4273d ago (Edited 4273d ago )

obviously the 360 cant handle it, if it could they would of made it at higher res. its an exclusive game so they had to lower the res to make it run smothly. the game looks good and plays good, all you guys saying it has sub hd graphics dont even own a 360 and if you hadnt been told it was 570p you WOULDNT EVEN KNOW so stfu.

Strange_Evil4273d ago (Edited 4273d ago )

Pimpmaster seems to have mistaken BFBC2 with COD:MW2.... BC2 is native 720P whereas MW2 is native 600P which is more than 576P (the lowest for of Sub-HD), but still Sub-HD...

Sorry.. Meant to reply below..

badz1494272d ago

576p is sub HD and we all know that the 360 can do more than that! how do you feel if you have a powerful PC but devs limit you with just 720p when you know your PC can display anything @ 1080p max setting or maybe even more? perhaps 1600x1200? satisfied? as long as you can play the game, then it's OK?

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