Old Modern Warfare 2 Glitches Are Back; Angry gamers

If you have even played Modern Warfare 2 in the past few months or if you keep up with the daily happenings of the games industry, you will sure to have experienced first-hand or at least heard of all the glitches that have plagued the online portion of the game since Day One. Unfortunately for many, some of those glitches, even the prominent ones, are back, stronger than ever, and you may may be surprised to find out which ones.

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Uncle Rico3494d ago

Sucks. I was playing MW2 for the last few nights and saw that dead bodies were firing weapons...not at anyone though but the guns next to them just shot bullets. Also saw the ice skating glitch in action just a moment ago. Kinda fed up of these cheaters.

ConnorSmith3494d ago

ya it is sickening ya know? just wanna have fun and they kinda ruin it for ya....

PrimordialSoupBase3494d ago

Correction: Infinity Ward ruined it for you.

champ213494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

Infinity ward are doing everything in their power to ruin this game for the fans, so they can migrate to the upcoming MW3.


Or they could fix it for you if you pay for their upcoming DLC. Though they will ruin it again by the time MW3 is close to launch.

bobcostus3494d ago

People still play this game?

I know how to avoid the glitches:

Step one: Place ice cold beverage on top of modern warfare 2 disc.

Step two: Insert Bad Company 2 disc.

Step three: Win.

Kerrby3494d ago

champ21, IW aren't even making MW3.

irepbtown3494d ago

I have a PS3, i'm not sure if it's on PS3 because my Modern Warfare 2 case + disc is under a load of dirt. I havn't touched it in a while, i've been to busy flying through COD4. Way less glitches, way more fun.

Rainstorm813494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

People still play this game???

One bad thing about gamers and the gaming community, once a game gets to a certain level of popularity, Nothing will stop gamers from playing it.

Not even game destroying glitches and cheats that sap any resemblance of competitive gameplay out of the experience.

Shovel you beat me to it!

DecoyOctopus3494d ago

my suggestion is to convert to Battlefield bad company 2

Syronicus3494d ago

I have not played this game on the PC or the 360 and have not encountered these glitches hardly at all. I strictly play HC-TDM only so maybe the glitchers stick to the core modes???

wicko3494d ago

Correction: Activision ruined it for you.

JokesOnYou3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

I knew this site was always making it seem like MW2's glitches were worse they actually are. Now I have no doubt that its true, I've been playing the hell out of the game every since it launched and yes in first month there were alot of glitches/exploits but even then other than the cheaters none of them ever approach anything game breaking, but the last month and over the last 3 days playing approximately 10hrs and I haven't experienced 1 single glitch, and only ran into 1 game with boosters. MW2 is straight fun as hell, I met so many cool people and we all love it, BBC2 is a great game but with less people playing it theres less scrutiny and yet when glitches are found you guys always go "well its OK its better than MW2", yeah right whatever imo it still can't beat MW2 for sheer adrenaline action pack fun and thats why millions still play it, you guys and the few haters who find every little possible thing to complain about and make it sound like MW2 is trash are full of it. Go play MAG, and stop the constant hate campaign against MW2=


jeseth3494d ago

Unfortunately all my friends play COD because they don't know better (like most video game players) and thats what keeps me playing Modern BrokenPatchGlitch-fare 2. I wish my friends would move to Battlefield 2 as it loooks great.

While I haven't noticed the care package glitch as much, I've started to see more and more people glitching and flying/running in the walls of the maps.

Cheaters are pathetic and its a shame IW can't fix the problem.

BETA Next Time .. . . if I even buy it.

vhero3493d ago

why dont people just play the superior battlefield instead??

Dave13513493d ago

When bad company 2 came out I stopped playing this game and never looked back

Nevers3493d ago

I've used that same picture several times, lmao. This time it truly fits.

I gave up on this game. Pissed some buddies off a bit... and it's funny to hear them defend why they believe this game is NOT broken. So many aspects of MW2 are broken it's Rtarded.

Ironic that most people poopoo'd on TreyArch doing CoD still after CoD3, and wanted IW to take over again... then when they do and it's broken, people dont' want them to make another.

Sm0k3y_Bac0n3493d ago

Gotta say, I still think MW2 would be poor without the glitchers. BFBC2 beats it in every department.

arny3493d ago

for the first time in a long time I agree with you

randomwiz3493d ago

I don't get why people would glitch in this game.

Its already noob-friendly enough.

ASSASSYN 36o3493d ago

@shovelface88: You are so full of win on that one!

HSx93493d ago

Someone doesn't know the difference between glitches and hacks (OP)

jadenkorri3493d ago

i don't come across too many, i had one guy today in derail, he was up in the mountains sniping, he was easily dealt with with my sniper rifle. The ice skating glitch in interesting, maybe some people use it, i just don't notice it.

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sumo3113494d ago

"tactical face palm" funniest picture i have seen in awhile.

BTW, /face palm is what I think of modern warfare 2 multiplayer. Way to many glitches!

ASSASSYN 36o3494d ago

It sure is funny and so accurate.

ConnorSmith3494d ago

Indeed, a lot of work probs went into making it as well, so props to the creators!

Humour at it's best! It descrbes the situation perfectly, and IW doesn't seem to be doing much about it...

-MD-3494d ago

I can't recall a game this big having this many problems.

ryano232773494d ago

But it's the Shooter of 2009. LMAO 10/10.

SixZeroFour3494d ago

mmhmm...guinness should get to work on giving them their little trophy for game with most glitches

spunnups3494d ago

Don't normally play MW2, but got on for awhile tonight and didn't notice anything major. someone may have been lag switching but that was it.

btw i am not a IW supporter, charging for DLC is garbage. no wonder Battlefield has more support than ever.

swiftshot933494d ago

If theres one game this generation I wanted to love, its MW2. CoD4 is still the best FPS this generation.

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