The Toughest Challenge Ever

Ironstar: "If your a trophy whore then you may cringe at the fact that you have to beat the "Challenge of Olympus" to get your hands on the platinum trophy for "God of War 3".

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slapsta723497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

haha it isnt hard at all

ah comment after watching video mighta been an idea lol

ryano232773496d ago

Better do that one NOW, just in case they patch it.

Rainstorm813496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

This was by far the easiest out of the 3. The Challenges of the Gods and the Titans were far more difficult.

Less than an hour you can be done with the entire challenge of olympus

Edit @ slapsta :

Lol your right.....shouldve watched first..

Digitaldude3496d ago

Yeah I beat all challenges in 1 sitting of 20mins, was disappointing.

C_SoL3496d ago

I have yet to buy this game.

Now I know how to beat that part.

Marceles3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

The easiest challenges out of all the GOWs, I platinumed it a couple of days ago.

lokiroo4203496d ago

They need to add a trophy for the challenge of exile, so much harder.

callahan093496d ago

Pretty sure I just witnessed some extreme sarcasm.

I haven't beaten the game yet (I'm right at the end, on part 2 of the final battle, but haven't had the opportunity to play for a few days now) so I haven't unlocked the Challenges yet, but I was wondering, is it like the original where you have to do all of them in one sitting, or can you save your progress after completing each individual challenge and then come back and try the next one any time without having to redo the first ones?

3496d ago
Elimin83496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

disappointed? I wasn't. Hate those challenges. They felt tact on compared to the first 2 games. And yes they really were easy.

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Torkith3496d ago

Stoned and Bare Hands are far harder than this imo.

Shrouds3496d ago

agreed, those are the two im stuck on atm i got to like 9 on stoned and was really close to barehands

Treezy5043496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

nah man this was the easiest when you use the exploit I show but if you read the full article I stated how they are all really easy but I def agree that those two are the hardest but easily passable.

@Shroud you should force the gorgon to try to freeze you by pressing the circle button then when they try to freeze you use the deflect and fail on purpose and you will turn to stone quicker and be able to knock it out easier. Also it gets a little crazy after 7 stones so just pass the deflection action sequence and kill the cyclops and the satyrs then hurry up and try to force the gorgon to freeze you before they spawn back, it may take a few tries but you will get it eventually :D

Kratos Spartan3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

you can't even punch. Hell you can't do anything but get the beatdown that you will get. with no offense, what can you do. its just not fun.

edit: oh wow just watched the video, what a joke. what a pu$$y little girl. you had to do that to win, otherwise you die. period.

sofresh2003496d ago

lol all these challenges are simple, even bare hands. Just lure them to the edge and ram them off using the grunts.

Theonik3496d ago

Stoned is easy. Just use the golden fleece to be stoned instantly and it gets much easier. Bare hand though...Now that one is hard. Easiest challenge on all the GOW games though.

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Aztreal3496d ago

IRONSTAR, you guys just made the the ps3 community happy.

crazyturkey3496d ago

That's the way I did it, but for me the toughest challenge was the one that were you have to kill all enemies without using the blades.

bujasem_893496d ago

and the time limit was painful lol xD

BaSeBaLlKiD7213496d ago

Damn... This challenge in the video isn't even that hard to begin with. All you gotta do is press L1+square until all of the grunts are dead then just run around in a circle when the minosaur are going after you. Use the rage during the final wave. Not hard at all.

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