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I recently had the chance to review Sega's latest RPG, for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Here is part of the review of the PlayStation 3 version.

"From the developer behind Star Ocean, Radiata Stories, and Valkyrie Profile comes a steam punk adventure that offers a challenging battle system and an interesting take on the traditional Japanese RPG.

The game was beautifully done, visually the game looked very impressive, it had a gritty feel and look to it which added to the atmosphere. The game looked like a step up visually from Star Ocean: The Last Hope, the characters where all very well done design-wise and some of the monster's designs were very impressive. The English voice actors did a pretty good job with their characters, they portrayed them all very well, although some of the NPCs like Cardinal Garigliano and Cardinal Barbarella did seem a little too over the top. The story did seem to fall short, the main story was told in small cut scenes in between the chapter's end, and it took quite a while for it to really pick up. The first few chapters moved very slowly, and the cut scenes that told more of the story were few and far between with how long it took to get through each area. The three main characters, Vashyron, Zephyr, and Leanne, where interesting though, and the interactions between them did manage to keep my interest and keep me playing all the way through, even when things did seem to move slow.

For those gamers looking for an RPG that offers a unique battle system and a challenging experience, Resonance of Fate is a great choice."

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killyourfm3503d ago

It's really a shame this one slipped in under the radar...definitely under the shadow of FFXIII...