Yakuza 4 tops the Japanese Chart this week

VGChartz - "Sega's Yakuza 4 had an excellent opening in Japan, but the week one debut was not meaningfully different than the previous installment in the series."

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BeardedGamerShow3497d ago

Shows the different between US and Japanese gaming priorities, huh?

Braineater24483497d ago

Yakuza is a great series, but it just caters to the Japanese culture.

TheGameLlama3497d ago

Hey we like the Japanese mafia over here too! We just renamed the samurais "Nico Bellic."

naznatips3497d ago

Yeah, Yakuza is a great game. Let's hope it gets localized (ideally unedited this time).

Torillian3497d ago

I thought I read somewhere that the Sega PR guys were all giddy and 4 was breaking records for the series. Perhaps it just didn't break them by much.

MisterPickles23497d ago

Funny how we only JUST got Yakuza 3 XD

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