Eat Sleep Play Drops "Sweet" Hint at AAA PS3 Title


If you are even remotely interested in the PlayStation 3, then you've likely been looking forward to David Jaffe's next game. The eccentric creator is responsible two franchises synonymous with PlayStation consoles, Twisted Metal and God of War. He has long been hard at work on the first retail PS3 game from his new studio, Eat Sleep Play. Through his blog, Jaffe has been throwing his fans curve-balls; seemingly hinting at a new Twisted Metal game, and other times scoffs at any assumptions. We have uncovered what may be a "sweet" hint from Eat Sleep Play's Production Artist.

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2FootYard3501d ago

How do they know its triple A yet if it hasn't been reviewed?

iPad3501d ago

Because it's being developed by David Jaffe.

n4gn4gn4gn4g3501d ago

the same guy that gave us Calling all Cars.

Digitaldude3501d ago

"In the video game industry, AAA game is an informal description for a video game that has a high budget."

Foliage3501d ago

I've worked for a Game Publisher the last 4 years. I still find it hilarious that some people think AAA has anything to do with reviews.

Here's a hint: AAA titles have nothing at all to do with reviews, in fact a AAA title can be deemed as such even before production begins.

Stop using sayings and terms that you do not understand.

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SOAD3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

Mountains out of molehills. Well, I'm off to buy groceries. Sweet!

n4gn4gn4gn4g3501d ago

HHG has infiltrated their site.

erathaol3501d ago

I just want to see Grim and his Motorcycle in wonderful HD detail.


DarkTower8053501d ago

If anyone's seen the 5th episode of The Tester, one of the questions is what vehicle does Sweet Tooth drive. Maybe another mountain out of a molehill, but I thought that the timing was interesting on that.

Blaze9293501d ago

That term will soon loose all meaning. What's AAA to a developer/creator could be CCC aka Average in our eyes.

Bereaver3501d ago

Did anyone else notice this?

January 2009 — Present (1 year 3 months)

Concept, Texture, Storyboard artist on unannounced AAA PS3 Title..


//////January 2009? I mean yeah, it doesn't change the fact that it could be twisted metal, but..... damn, that's old.

JasonXE3501d ago

it already has started loosing money. AAA used to me games with enormous budgets and rest assured, after Calling all Cars Jaffe is not working with an enormous budget.

bruddahmanmatt3501d ago

This is seriously starting to get annoying and is beginning to border on lame. If they don't show anything by E3 I officially don't give a flip anymore. I have faith in Jaffe and his crew when it comes to making great games but that don't mean a damn thing if it never sees the light of day. Quit attention whoring with all these weak sauce rumors and release something concrete before no one gives a **** anymore.

Syronicus3501d ago

If Jaffe is working on another Twisted Metal game, you can bet your bottom dollar that Sony has given him an unlimited budget. It's a make it franchise for the Sony console and they would not pass it up especially to have the original dev making it. If you want to define AAA, then just look at the support Sony offers to the devs making games for their biggest franchises.

vhero3501d ago

wait he said sweet and you think he making a new twisted metal?? Talk about blowing something out of proportion!

sikbeta3501d ago

I don't give a Damn, I just want Twisted Metal PS3, like it or not Jaffe knows best and if This Game IS TM, it'll be EPIC

3501d ago
zeeshan3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

^ I could smell poop somewhere here and I was beginning to wonder who did it! Shoooo!!! sshoooo... away with you! Be gone... VANISH even!

MmaFanQc3501d ago

Your Tears Are Delicious!!!

barom3500d ago

PSLS sucks! They have not released any true news in a LONG time. If they do release news they do it in a rush as in the case of GT TV. They are the very reason why gaming journalism has died, getting there first is all that matters regardless of the quality of the content delivered.

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Bnet3433501d ago

I saw the Bonus Round today with Jaffe in it and he said they are working on an action game. It was Episode 3 of the Bonus Round.

xTruthx3501d ago

Kigmal apparently what we saw was a lie cus some 1 disagreed with us lol

Bnet3433501d ago

That's why I said what episode it was, so people can got to the website and watch it themselves if they thought I was lying. I don't care about agrees or disagrees. I've been saying this forever, it doesn't hide your comment or make it grey like joystiq and youtube does, so why does it really matter lol. Don't pay attention to it. :P

MONOLITHICIDE3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

i didnt disagree but twisted metal does have explosive action. Like theyre gonna say its a car combat game, thats a dead give away

Doomsday3501d ago

Which is the website? The Sony website?

xTruthx3501d ago

Its on Game Trailers, the last bonus round they did. Its part 3

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DoucheVader3501d ago

Jaffe has been dropping hints for a LONG time now.

Remember this?

I am sure this is just more fodder to play into that. Who knows maybe it was a bluff the whole time, but honestly he would really disappoint some people at this point.

T3mpr1x3501d ago

I remember that, wow that was 2007 too. I think that was too far back to mean anything significant now though...

Theonik3501d ago

Yeah the tittle should have been "Jaffe drops hint for AAA game for the 10th time"

Michael Myers3501d ago

A A A all the way, night and day, savage in the grey sky, to die tonight sweettooth give me a ps3 game right now