MEGamers: Final Fantasy XIII Review

MEGamers writes: "The story of Final Fantasy XIII is a bit of a mouthful, so I'll try and keep thing short – the player is introduced to the world of Pulse, inhabited by mechanical beings known as the Fal'Cie. Years ago, a group of Fal'Cie created a floating city called Cocoon, which brought about a great war between the inhabitants of Cocoon and of Pulse, with the citizens of Cocoon eventually winning the war. Confused yet? There's more – a Fal'Cie can mark a person with a special symbol, and they are then known as I'Cie. All I'Cie are given a particular task, or 'Focus' which they have to complete – if they fail, they turn into Ghouls with no chance of ever being normal again. Once you've digested this rather wonderful story, you can actually begin playing the game."

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