GameOn: Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing Xbox 360 Review

Well as you would expect from the title, ASR contains a vast array of cameo appearances from the talented folks of Sega. Sonic, Alex Kidd, Ryo Hazuki, Ulala, the mice from Chu Chu Rocket and many others are all present sporting their own unique ride, all of which are usable. Only a handful are selectable to begin with as the others you need to unlock using Sega Miles, the games currency which is awarded based on your performance after each event. The game itself lets you get to grips with the sublime control system, thanks to the creative people at Sumo Digital, via a tutorial level guided by Sonic himself. If you're resourseful enough to scan the achievements of the game before playing you'll be able to score 30 gamer points before you even complete a single race.

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