More GT5 Screens at 8 and 18 Megapixels

You've seen these screenshots before - but not at this resolution.

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Jedward-3500d ago

i just came in my pants wow , time to grab some tissue and clean up :P

xTruthx3500d ago

Man those pics look ridiculously awesome

Jedward-3500d ago

Wow like what a game like this has to be like the best graphics ive ever seen in a racer like [email protected] hell

SonySoldiers3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

we're proud that the pics are massively win...18 megapixels GT5 on PS3D MOVE FTW!!! CONFIRMED

PS3 >>>>> X360 > Chuck Norris > BABOONS

Gran Touring3500d ago

We're teased yet again... but still a great treat nonetheless. I'm loving J.R's tuned G37, can't wait to drive it in GT5.

R.I.P, J.R Rocha.

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The story is too old to be commented.