Australian R18+ In With A Shot, Atkinson 'Steps Down' Off Front Bench


"One could argue one way or the other, but the fact is that over 96% of Australians polled in the last several hours are happy he has stepped down, showing that his time in the political limelight as the State Attorney General who stood in the way of a gaming R18 rating in Australia is well and truly over - finally."

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BadCircuit3495d ago

This is a good thing, even though many of my friends will suddenly find that their games are R18 (as they are overseas) and not MA15 anymore and not be able to play them!

(I couldn't play them anyway because my father knew which were supposed to be R18!)

XboxOZ3603495d ago

And a wise father he is obviously.

Sure, may 'younger gamers' might well be ticked off over the changes, but it NEEDED to happen, and the sooner it does, the faster parents will see that they have the choice in how their kids see, play and enjoy gaming that is suitable for their age group.

It was a nice thing to wake up to though, and I personally think Mr Atkinson has finally seen that the general public do not share the same thoughts as he does, and that perhaps his thoughts were way out of step with modern life.

gaminoz3495d ago

You must have a good father :)

gaminoz3495d ago

For me the argument that if we allow an R18 rating in Australia then anything violent and questionable will inevitably be allowed in doesn't work.

Now we can have a reasonable debate on the subject. No, adults should not have access to ANYTHING (eg. child porn etc.) but the kinds of inconsistencies in game banning that occurred were ridiculous.

More important to a family man like me, games should be classed accurately and in Australia too many were squeezed into MA15+ when they were R18 overseas.

Now if the changes to the law pass (eventually) then parents should see the big black R18 and not be able to say oh-it's just MA15; I've seen films that aren't so bad under that rating, so my kid can play it.

Gaming is already getting blamed for increases in youth violence: a system where it is illegal for them to own the games may not prevent them getting it, but it makes clear who the content of the game is meant for. Parents will have no excuse.

XboxOZ3603495d ago

Agreed, when I point out this simple fact, that currently, 80% of thegames passed are in fact 18+ overseas, many are just gobbed-smacked thatthe games have a simple MA15+ rating.

Then, when I tell them that the same applies for movies, they are even more outraged actually, as they think nothing of allowing a 14-15yr old watch any type of MA15+ movie these days.

You only have to check up against the movies database and find that toften, the same movie has a PEGI 18, ERSB of Matur (17+) etc overseas, yet it's bundled into MA15+ here.

The same has applied to games for years.

Ideally now something will change with Mr Atkinson off the Front Bench, where he has held the position of South Australia'[s State Attorney General, the key in having the ratings changed.

And it's not as if they have to create a new ratings system, or even a new rating level. It is already there, it's simply not used in games - well - because games are for kids, therefore it is not required - WRONG.

Thankfully something has come from this public debate - finally.

Superfragilistic3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

They took 4% of the vote away from this idiot, and I've no doubt help him realise his time had come.

Maybe he should call Jack Thompson and they can go on a holiday to Germany where they can mutually enjoy their early retirement and a country that's even further behind the gaming generation than Australia.

DoctorQ3495d ago

If, im sorry, WHEN they get the R18 rating system through, i can finally point out to MY dad why he should not play Alien vs Predator in front of my younger siblings, i mean, he played resident evil and Doom 2 in front of my when i was a tyke and look how i turned out :D

Bathyj3495d ago

Someone tell me how God of War 3 made it past the censors.

I've seen Fightclub, Goodfellas, Starshiptroopers, Robocop, and just about anything Tom Savini has ever done as well as recent gorefests like Hostel and Hills have Eyes.

Some of those movies are graphic, some like Fightclub just have a meaty impact that hits home. This game has more brutal than any of them. I mean seriously, have you beat Hercules yet? I'm not going to ruin it, but its pretty gory.

Hey, not complaining mind you, I think it might be the best action game ever, it just makes you wonder about consistencey, and if the game came out in 6 months time in OZ would it get an R rating?

XboxOZ3603495d ago

Thanks mate, and I'm not sure when it will eventually come through, as a replacement has to be found, which need not be an electorial thing, as it need only be a 'placement' given by the office.

Once that happens, the wheels of process will take their usual time,but it will be great to finally know that there's a high possibility that the R18+ will not be 'all' that far away.

BadCircuit3495d ago

I really wish they would stop making them so graphic and gory so that younger gamers like me can't enjoy a decent action game! We can play Chronicles of Narnia, or...ummm....

Seriously: over the top gore and violence doesn't make a game more 'fun'. (more funny maybe)

Bathyj3495d ago

While I feel for you BadCircuit, and I agree sometimes games dont need to be so violent or gory just for the sake of it, but in GoW's case the gore just fits so well.

It totally fits the mood and setting of the game and it wouldnt be the same without it.

Sorry Dude, I know its hard, but we all had to be young once. Try not to rush getting old cause you'll miss your youth later, and all the blood in the world wont bring it back. Unless it Vampire blood of course.

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