The hyped gets hypier, and the sleepers get sleepier.

David K: "I'm certainly no expert on the game industry, but like every other geek I have a hypothesis: as a website/business does not expect to gain as much from expending it's resources and time on Resonance of Fate news when it could be using it on the other, much more hyped games out right now.

They figure that website traffic won't increase from a RoF article, even a review, as much as it would from yet another article with some news/tidbit/analysis/developer interview about a game like GoW3, FF13, Bioshock 2, and so on. Another explanation, which seems likely to me given the complete lack of advertising for Resonance of Fate, is that Tri-ace failed to send out review copies/coerce the video game press to talk about RoF.

Add to that a shortage of Resonance of Fate copies in stores (this link is about shortages in Canada but from first hand experience I've seen that game stores in the US didnt have it on release day either), and it seems like everyone in the business was expecting this game not to sell, and then set it up so it wouldn't sell. Talk about a self-fufilling prophecy.

It's a sad situation, because I strongly believe that in many ways RoF is a triumph and just what the RPG genre needed."

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baraka0073495d ago

If a site isn't covering good games for whatever reason you shouldn't go there. A site can both make money and at the same time promote great games no matter how unpopular those games are and if they were run by gamers they would. If you don't like gaming coverage, or lack there of, don't use those sites. Everyone acts like we have to go to 1up ign edge online ect and have to put up with their terrible coverage. They are out to make money like you said but if you wouldn't use them they would change or fail and someone better will take their place. If you want great gaming coverage then you're going to have to stop using sites that aren't good to get your gaming news. I just don't understand why so many bash sites like IGN then go and give them money by using their site day after day and by buying a fileplanet sub... it just seems counter productive to me but what do I know I'm just some random idiot on the in-tra-webz. Anyway good post maybe your efforts will get a couple more to try out RoF.

JoelR3494d ago

Great fun even if I can't get tri-attack to work most times.

graphics - are average current gen (but not spectacular) 5/10

sound - excellent usage of 3d space, allows both original and localized languages 9/10

concept - a JRPG without magic... (of course you could argue that the guns and moves are magic, a new world exploration dynamic 8/10

story - so far linear with side quest - standard fare 5/10

fun - much harder to define but I would say great so I will give it a 8/10

cons - difficult to do some maneuvers, constant (very short) loads (even when installed)

overall - not an average 8/10 (same level of fun as UC2 & Halo3

----------------------------- ------------------
(5 = average on my scale - that means halo3 and uc2 would rate a 8/10 whereas C&C4 would rate a 5 and 10s are damn near impossible)

KonohagakureFC3494d ago

This article is about RoF and not a rant about how certain games get ignored and the big names get all the spotlight.... kinda misleading title depending on how you see it