Is Batman: Arkham Asylum better than Uncharted 2? You betcha

Batman: Arkham Asylum has taken out the top honours at the BAFTA awards, wrestling Best Game from accolade powerhouse Uncharted 2. Personally, we don't mind that Batman pipped Uncharted 2 to the post -- as we noted in our Most Overrated Games of 2009 feature, Uncharted 2 was far from perfect.

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Julie3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

Fanboy Journalism/bloggers will be the end of gaming ...

jwatt3500d ago

AA was a good game and a really nice surprise but I don't think it was better than Uncharted 2. This is all just opinion though because I think Infamous is better than Batman but I know the majority wouldn't agree with me.

Carlton Banks3500d ago

What I don't understand is why people are so desperate to dethrone Uncharted 2, does it hurt them this game scored and sold so well and won so many awards?

3500d ago
WildArmed3500d ago

I dont really wanna give the article a hit..
so imo, not it's not better than U2...
Simply because U2 had MP... a huge feature over AA.

Quality wise they were both top-notch games...

But, I do understand why people would prefer AA's single player over U2s. But overall, it's been recognized that U2 was the 'better' game of 09..

And the new trend is, it is was GoTY.. then it was overrated.. if it wasn't GoTY it was underrated.

happened with Fable 2 in 08 too. it got GoTY and suddenly it become overrated.. >.>

but thats a story for another time.

Penno3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

Halo: ODST was clearly the best console exclusive of the entire year.

...Nah. I can't back that up.

Jedward-3500d ago

LOL like are these apes serious like batman better than uncharted? according to who? official xbox magazine? lmao like seriously its nowhere near as good like.

-Alpha3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

Whatever happened to being entitled to opinion and expressing it? Remember this:

Just two days ago you didn't mind an article saying UC2 was the best game ever, and now someone who says AA is better is being a 360 fanboy? Why do you have a problem with his opinion and why do you automatically assume he's a 360 fanboy just because he enjoyed AA more?

Anyways, same thing applies here: The man is entitled to his opinion but the "X vs. Y" articles like this one are done to death, are completely subjective, and do not add anything except an opinion, while managing to piss off UC2 fanboys. I don't care what the author finds better but I get tired of seeing this on sites like N4G. It's funny though, that when somebody downplays UC2 for subjective reasons they get their article attacked but when an article glorifies UC2 to be the greatest ever a double standard is applied. Suddenly, it's wrong to have an opinion when that opinion doesn't agree with a majority's perspective, eh Bundy?

Microsoft Xbox 3603500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

Batman Arkham Asylum is the most overrated game of 2009.

The only people who can't accept Uncharted 2 as GOTY 2009 are xbox fanboys simple as that.

UC2 swept the awards left and right. That's a known fact.

-Alpha3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

My GOTY was Demon's Souls, runner up was UC2. Much more original, fresh, not a shooter, gameplay was deeper, etc. Does that mean I hated UC2? No.

There is never ever one GOTY choice, that decision is subjective and personal. Don't be so elitist as to say that UC2 is the only game that people had to enjoy the most last year, it's completely close minded and you have no right to make that decision for all gamers.

I will say that the majority enjoyed UC2 as GOTY and I have no problem with that but that doesn't mean other games weren't enjoyed by other gamers even better. UC2 is a textbook game that was great on all fronts, but Demon's Souls was just as great, but it just didn't get as much attention or resource-support from Sony.

This is what I hate about what became of UC2: fanboys are too convinced with thinking that it's "perfect" to realize that criticisms exist and then if you try to criticize it you become some xbox fanboy? Sorry, but there were many great games in 09: Killzone 2, Demon's Souls, Forza 3, etc. Everybody that doesn't agree UC2 is GOTY is a 360 fanboy? What amazing, fair, and sound logic that turned out to be.

@People who disagree-- really? So everybody has to love and pick UC2 as their GOTY? Stop hiding behind the disagree button and try rationalizing what MS 360 above said, I dare you.

Immortal3213500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

to add to that, I believe Journalism, and bloggers that spew their opinions as fact are going to end us all.


MS sucks
Sony sucks
Nintendo sucks

My system is better than yours.

TooTall193500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

Here's a perfect summary of Uncharted 2.


PoSTedUP3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

every one can have an opinion.... dude may like batman better than uncharted2, but the majority.... well yeah you already know.

i dont think uncharted is the best game, MGS4 craps on uncharted in terms of story imo. its all an opinion, i dont think there is anything more epic than MGS4 (i dont play either of them anymore) but yeah uncharted does graphics the best, it also has a really good fluid action packed gameplay. MGS4 was just a bigger game with more stuff to do, longer also.

but the majority and all of the well deserved awards, has it. uncharted2 unlike most games is still being talked about as amazing, a lot of people forgot about batman, masseffect (already), gta4 (soon after release), and lots of other ps3 exclusives, they just dont compare because of the how well the graphics, gameplay and hollywood action were so well done.

gauntletpython3500d ago

Is this a sensationalist article? You betcha!

cliffbo3500d ago

it was brit made NUFF said!

beans3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

Maybe because it never had the throne! Everybody has an opinion and just because Sony fanboys and media claim it the best doesn't mean it's true. Now before you start making your claims I give UC2 GOTY also for 2009 due to not much going against it.

@anorexorcist: "Hey kid, we are not talking about a toilet here" WTF lol

All I'm saying is not everyone has to agree with another mans opinions.

Edit anorexorcist: Ok now your getting carried away. The 360 just last week took back the graphics crown with Metro 2033. Sure there's Last guardian and Alan Wake on the way but don't be a fool thinking PS3 is somehow on a different level. Just because one console puts out the next best thing doesn't automatically mean it's untouchable.

TheTwelve3500d ago

Batman: Arhkam Asylum is a great game but is nowhere near as vast or as deep as Uncharted 2. Uncharted 2 has Batman beat with controls, graphics, enemy variety, and environment detail. A better comparison would be Uncharted 1 and Arkham Asylum.


RadientFlux3500d ago

Everyone is entitled to their opinion or in this case their own choice for GOTY.

Anorexorcist3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

Hey kid, we are not talking about a toilet here. Uncharted 2 has the throne because it was king of console software for 2009, based on the overwhelming critical and commercial success.

Yes I agree that Microsoft didn't bring much to the fight in 09' but that was entirely on them. Just because only a few chumps show up to get in the ring and fight the top contender for the belt doesn't mean that top contender deserves no honor for winning the tournament.

Edit @ All Disagreers.

Why the disagrees? What I say doesn't make sense? or is it that you all know that the Xbox 360 is on a lower standard than the PS3, and you guys think that Sony should compromise the PS3's software in order to give the Xbox 360 a fairer fight?

LOL, oh yeah but when the Xbox 360 had no competition in it's first year on the market, you all clearly take no issue with that and think Microsoft deserves all the honor it can get. The "big fish in a small pond" argument that idiots like beans are using here against Uncharted 2 surely doesn't get in the way of any of them commending the Xbox 360 and it's total sales.

Stupid hypocritical idiot kids. Most of them wouldn't even know the meaning to the word "hypocritical" even if they fell over it.

All disagrees, no logical rebuttals to prove me wrong. LOL! Well all that's left to say is: Sleep well tonight kids.

Reibooi3500d ago

AA was a real surprise. I mean being a superhero game that didn't suck was a big deal and the game didn't just not suck it was actually a really good game.

That said it is not a better game then Uncharted in any way shape or form. Uncharted is just another level entirely.

TheTwelve3500d ago

Oh that's right, Batman has no multi-player either.


PoSTedUP3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

last year MS brought games, uncharted2 was competing aginst sony exclusives also (which were also amazing). masseffect2(big MS title) came out this year and no1 is really talking about it like they still are uncharted2. gears2 was awesome (another huge MS title) but yeah... uncharted2 had some steep compitition imo, and they still do and they still are on top imo just because of how much people are still talking about it and how many awards it has won, still to this day the awards have not stoppped coming in.

thats just the way i see it.

@anore above- i disagreed because i thought MS brought plenty to the table last year. gears of war1 and uncharted1 were like direct competitors and were compared constantly. now both sequels came out and... yeah you know the rest. MS brings a good # of games each year, its just that sony brings more because they have more studios. MS had quality titles but nothing really amazing after seeing how good uncharted2 was.

WildArmed3500d ago

Thanks for bringing up DS.
Because, I too, like many other RPG fans believe the best game that came last year was Demons Souls.

It may not have U2 caliber production values, but it was the game i enjoyed the most.
Solid SP, Solid MP, solid replay value.

I'm more hyped about a DS potential sequel then U3 and AA2 combined..
sorry, but thats the way i feel. xD

Btw, my runner up was inFAMOUS followed by Uncharted 2.

I'm not a big fan of shooters, but I've taken a liking towards the uncharted franchise (believe it or not, i enjoyed UDF more than u2, because it was 'fresh.' Ofc, u2 was the better game.)

sikbeta3500d ago

If this is a lame attempt to start a flame-war with this crappy article, is not Working because UC2 WON So Many Awards that what a crappy site have to say can't change that, you don't like it, is your opinion, every other person Love UC2, so Deal With it...

N4BmpS3500d ago

Oh God it's these losers again, how pathetic they are. Over-hyped? Uncharted 2? Nah, now getting what it deserved yeah. I don't care if U2:AT won GOTY this time since they have like 33 of them. Way to go Batman:AA...I guess.

iwillpwnyou3500d ago

Funny picture! Drake getting owned!

Eddie201013500d ago

There were a lot of great games last year.

Al Bundy3500d ago

You're right, but I was just answering Carlton's question.

Carlton Banks3500d ago

"The 360 just last week took back the graphics crown with Metro 2033"

Lol, why do people on N4G keep giving me ammo?

Tito083500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

Articles that start-"This is better than Uncharted, that and that and there is better than Uncharted 2" is annoying, leave that game and Naughty Dogs alone PPL, not a million people are gonna look into that article, I don't think Naughty Dogs mind Batman winning an award since UC2 has won plenty of awards....

Bungie, Xbox fans's favorite developer, and Infinity Ward, praised Uncharted 2, yeah, game developers, so they know what's good more than us gamers... So the media is hating on Uncharted because of how good it is and is on a system the media likes to bash a lot, which is the PS3, I haven't played UC2, but by looking at bashing articles and comparing it with other games and still winning awards, that showed me how good the game actually is!!!!!

Batman A.A better than Uncharted??? I don't think so.... And I'm actually a huge Batman fan!!!!

Anorexorcist3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

That fact is that all the delusional, idiot PS3 detractors will come out of the basement and vehemently defend a multi-platform title like it was theirs alone...every damn time.

Yeah Batman AA was also on PS3, and it was superior since it had access to the Joker, but I guess when you're desperate and bored you'll just take whatever you can get to hold onto your gaming faith.

MRMagoo1233500d ago

He said 360 took back the graphics crown with metro lol come on guys if thats not blind i dont know what is hasnt it been getting low scores left right and centre for being shoddy and rubbish in general maybe if he refered to the pc version then yeh he had a point but the 360 version is a pile of steaming manure far from taking any crown from anything cept maybe biggest let down of 2010.

ot i think uc2 beats AA by miles but thats my opinion either way we can enjoy both on the ps3 thats all that matters.

HolyOrangeCows3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

"as we noted in our Most Overrated Games of 2009 feature, Uncharted 2 was far from perfect"
Umm, I'm sorry, but as much as I love both games......Batman: AA wasn't exactly perfect either. And quite further from perfect than Uncharted.

"The 360 just last week took back the graphics crown with Metro 2033"
You obviously haven't played Metro 2033 OR Uncharted 2/Killzone 2/God of War 3/etc.

TooTall193500d ago

Haha that Metro 2033 statement is so ridiculous it's funny.

Biggest3500d ago

How are we back at this point? This goes out to everyone that has an opinion about this stuff. . . SCREW YOUR OPINION! The world does not revolve around you. I don't care what your Game of the Year was. No one cares except you. Uncharted 2 may or may not be a better game than Batman to you or me. But it doesn't matter. None of us have a say in any of it. Make up your own Game of the Year award and present it to the wall. It's not like you're respected enough for whoever wins to show up and claim it. HipHopGamer has more credibility than most of us here, and most people here think he is a joke. Imagine what the gaming industry thinks of YOU. The article is an opinion. Therefore it is not important to anyone except the person that wrote it. Screw him. I don't care if it is wrong or right. His opinion is worthless.

bbblockbird3500d ago

i love my ps3 but seriously uncharted is a rip off of tomb raider n tomb raider sux other than graphics it was horrible. best interactive drama is heavy rain NOT uncharted, best action god of war NOT uncharted, best hero in a game batman NOT drake, best graphics god of war n killzone NOT uncharted. so y is it youll lik it

rockleex3500d ago

Press Z to make your wishes come true! You will fail!

You cannot deny the awesomeness!

Shepherd 2143500d ago

guess your branded a fanboy if you didnt think uncharted 2 was the best game in years.

Prototype3500d ago

Batman AA is the best BATMAN game I've played, however above UC2? They are 2 completely different games.

Next is "Halo Reach is better than Gran Turismo 5 and here's why..."

mal_tez923500d ago

Batman had a great stealth element to it, but the combat is so boring.

Uncharted 2 combat is one of the better shooters I've played, with a fantastic cover system which is easy and functional to use (although the shooting and cover system was better in Uncharted 1)

Batman combat is mash square until everyone dies.

Mr Tretton3500d ago


Julie: "Fanboy Journalism/bloggers will be the end of gaming."

*sigh*, such sensational words people type on the internet. How will that be 'the END of gaming?' You realize barely anyone who plays videogames in the world reads any of this garbage? You make these people way more important than they are. And because they are so insignificant, is why they post such garbage.

Gaming is about playing games, not it's journalism, blogs and internet forums.

God_Of_Epicness3500d ago

Doesn't matter. Hey, 2010 called and they want you there.

GOWIII will sweep everything in it's way this year that's for sure.

All hail the mighty Kratos!

menoyou3500d ago

another lame article with a stupid headline for hits

Tito083500d ago

In no way Uncharted is rippin off Tomb Raider, it's already better than Tomb Raider, since the first one, to me Tomb Raider have always being a joke compared to other games!!!!!

Alvadr3500d ago

See heres the problem with awards like this. They are voted for by the public.

Now does everyone who voted own a PS3 and played Uncharted 2. Proably not, its more of a battle between which game had the largest market share.

morganfell3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

Let's turn that around alpha, apparently you minded that article. Are you now saying this umpteenth "What's wrong with Uncharted 2" is okay?

Batman, which should have been about huge open areas and cities was buried by Uncharted 2 in that regard (and many others) I liked AA but after a while it just became ridiculous. Is the joker a master mind or not? After all, he runs 5 guys at Batman and the caped crusader kicks their butt. He does it again, and again, and again. After a while you would think the joker would run 50 guys at Batman at once. And on that fighting point, the melee system in Uncharted > Batman. This could go on all night.

sid4gamerfreak3500d ago

How can you even compare those two games? Both play out differently, both are two completely different games...

Becaus of stories like this, the gaming world will fall everyday

Viper73500d ago

Not having a multi-player doesn't make game any worse, thats exactly what I hate about modern reviews. Many of them give lower scores to single player games just because they lack multi player.

Havent yet played trough neither of the 2 so I can't tell. But AA looks more tempting of the 2. Probably because it had some freshness in it.

Goty of 2009 is however Demons souls, no puny games like Uncharted2 or AA can match it.

GodFather873500d ago

I'm a big Batman Fan but the game by itself isn't such a blast like Uncharted 2.

Traylor43500d ago

Anyone who thinks that Batman AA was better than Uncharted 2 is an idiot, plain and simple!!!

vhero3500d ago

Gotta love it though eh? 360 fanboys couldnt pick a 360 exclusive to beat a the no.1 game of the year they had to choose a multi platform just shows how truly bad there exclusives were in 2009. Not to take the shine off Batman I bought it on the cheap not expecting much to be honest and it blew me away it was truly amazing and the sequel is on my day 1 list now but uncharted 2 beater? No way.

Christopher3500d ago

Was this article only created to fuel idiot wars (aka fanboy wars) and to generate hits for a site that we've never heard of? You betcha!

Talk about two incomparable games. U2 is winning awards for many reasons - good gameplay in both single and multiplayer varieties, emotionally attached storytelling (not great, but you do grow attached to many of the characters) supported by great character actors and soundtrack, and above all else just a technical masterpiece and a sign of what players have been expecting in this generation of HD consoles.

raztad3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

This article reminds me I still got to play Batman:AA. UC2 was an awesome game, funny, fun, nice stealth mechanics, made the TPS cover system more dynamic and enjoyable, the platforming, set pieces and the train level was mindblowing. For some reason it won so many awards.

I would like Batman:AA to top UC2 because I always want to have the best experience possible, but I really doubt it can.

It's funny how Beans pretend metro 2033 is the new graphic king :) I think you need to get a PS3 Beans.

dawgsfan1173500d ago

Yesterday on the article claiming Uncharted 2 was the greatest game ever I posted it was actually a toss up between Uncharted 2 and Batman AA for GOTY 2009. Hate to say it but told you. Maybe it was the fact that playing as the joker was fun as hell. Both great games anyway.

EvilBlackCat3500d ago

its an opinion just like yours

Why the drama?

Are you happy with uncharted 2?

@ Immortal321
"I believe Journalism, and bloggers that spew their opinions as fact are going to end us all"

I believe game site forums and loyalists that spew their opinions as fact are going to end us all

MmaFanQc3500d ago

but its nothing near Uncharted 2

sry but this random blog fail

Greywulf3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

But UC2 wins GOTY almost everywhere, the one place it doesn't win gets a 200 hit article?

Why did no one care when UC2 won GOTY @ GDC? As well as best technology awards?

I loved both. UC2 has online though, so its a better "game" to me at the end of the day. However, GOW3 is definitely my GOTY for the past 5 years or so, but thats just because of the presentation/gameplay/effort. Batman was pretty repetitive, the bosses were simple, and the polish stopped at the characters. Kinda like how MGS4 just showed up and broke the mold. GOW3 is sick.

greatjimbo783500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

Okay, I have a feeling some of you maybe confused. You do realise it was BAFTA, the British Academy that gave the GOTY award to Batman AA, not this website? This website is just playing a angle in reporting this fact.
Oh, and this is also an Australian website. Nothing to do with the UK what so ever!
Other than they share our queen, and lots of them work in bars over here.
Oh, and Neighbors, but that's gone downhill since Bouncer died.

Blaster_Master3500d ago

Batman wasn't even a good game. I dont know what you people are smoking but I wants some.

BYE3500d ago

I never saw over 100 agrees on any comment, it looks cool :)

arny3499d ago

These are 2 different games why are people trying to compare them when they cant be compared???

Michael Scott3499d ago

I thought Uncharted 2 was a much better game.

hazardman3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

I was agreeing with you until you got to the part where you started bashing Xbox360..Funny if everyone is entitled to their opinion why bash em for it. UC2 was great. I can't comment on Batman(have not played it), I'm waiting for a price drop. Just cause you get a disagree it doesn't mean they're Xbox fanboys!!

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Defectiv3_Detectiv33500d ago

Kudos to Batman for the emphasis on stealth mechanics, but detective mode just cheapened the game.

Lest we forget, U2 had mp and co-op, along with one hell of a cinematic SP.

ryano232773500d ago

But I'd argue that Batman is the best game available on the 360.

ELite_Ghost3500d ago

arent we in 2010 now? who cares?

ChrisW3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

Batman AA has 3.39 million sales over 10 weeks.*
Compared to Uncharted 2's 3.02 million over 22 weeks.

*Both PS3 and 360... (BTW, does this count?!?)

God_Of_Epicness3500d ago

Batman is multi-platform, Uncharted was not. I'm replying to the comment above. @ChrisW

Anyway, to decide which game is better, sales doesn't mean a thing. Anyway, Batman was released in March or something/ Uncharted 2 was released much later. I don't get what you're trying to say.

Lordsolidusx3500d ago

I forgot you still have 1 bubble