Pachter: "PS3 More Powerful Than 90 Percent Of PCs"

PC gamers have held the thought that their gaming platform of choice is the most powerful of the bunch and consoles will always be second standard. Is that true? Well according to Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst, Michael Pachter, the percentage of PCs more powerful than a PS3 is but a tiny number.

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jack who3493d ago

oh ya thanks pachter. anything else you wanna pull out your ass/?

eagle213493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

Don't worry bots, 360 is about 90% more powerful than a Atari 2600. :)

dustgavin3493d ago

You both worry FAR too much about what Ps3 owners think. Is it really that big of a deal? Try spending more time with your beloved 360 or perhaps maybe contributing more energy towards positive comments on 360 articles.

SOAD3493d ago

That is a very unverifiable declarative statement.

The PS3 is a powerful console. Let's not get ahead of ourselves and compare it to open-ended hardware. PCs have no concrete specifications. They can be as weak or as powerful as necessary. My PS3 is more powerful than any personal computer I have in my house. But since all of the computers in my house are either laptops from 2006 or this netbook I'm using now, I can't really go, "Ooh, ah, impressive."

Gaming consoles are leaning towards becoming like personal computers. Think about it. All of these amazing features that we tout are consoles for having are stuff we could do on personal computers for years. Web browsers? Facebook? Online gaming? Netflix? 3D? All of this stuff has been on PCs for a very long time. Consoles are in FACT, playing catch up.

PirateThom3493d ago

When people bring up crap like "PC has the biggest install base", they're not lying, but they are ignoring the fact netbooks, cheap PCs and so on are all "PCs", but they're not going to play games and they're certainly not going to play them to the level of the PS3 in most cases.

The point I think Pachter is sensationalising is that there's a very small number of high end PCs out there being used in a gaming sense.

Playing catch up is entirely irrelevent to this point, consoles have always played catch up to PC but have become infinitely more popular for gaming.

acedoh3493d ago

You must just look for stuff to talk about. Is it really relevant how the PS3 is more powerful than some PC's. It's not like I am going to run Word or Excel on my PS3. On the gaming front you know what you have and I believe that is fairly clear to most gamers. So Pachter manages to once again create an irrelevant topic just to get some attention...

movements3493d ago

There will come a time when consoles will catch up to PC; yes there will.

Think about it, you could only make a game look good to the point of realism. Tell me, what happens when PC arrives at that point and one generation later Consoles catch up?

The industry must find ways to innovate, or else become stagnant.

Charmers3493d ago

Hm the steam hardware survey seems to show that Pachter is just a wee bit wrong. As of now at least 53% own a Directx 10 capable PC with 3% owning a Directx 11 capable PC.

Now graphics card wise we can see that 40% of steam users have a graphics card more powerful than the 360 and PS3. Lastly cpu wise at least 25% of steam users have a quadcore.

I think we can safely say that Pachter hasn't got a clue what he is on about as per usual.

JsonHenry3493d ago

Everyone knows that 76% of all statistics are made up on the spot.

eagle213493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

edit: Cause some can't take a joke. :)

Pachter says many things, you don't have to listen if you want. :)

Lifendz3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

God of War 3 really does look like what I expected games on the PS4 to look like. I hope other devs start using the Cell for the anti aliasing. Back to playing I go.

BattleAxe3493d ago

The facts that Pachter points out are visable in the absense of PC games at retail and also the absense of Gaming PCs available at retail. PC gaming is a niche market these days.

SOAD3493d ago

More like 20 percent more powerful than 360, and it's usually being worked on by more talented people like Sony Santa Monica and Naughty Dog. No offense to Bungie, they are great devs, but they cannot push hardware the way Naughty Dog can. I bet Naughty Dog could works wonders with the 360. Too bad it will never happen.

In response to PirateThom,

I know my points afterward were irrelevant to you, but they are very relevant to me. When we're talking about hardware power, I'm more interested in how many things the hardware can do.

If you take all of the PCs in the world that are AT LEAST as powerful as a PS3, then you will definitely outnumber the amount of combined consoles in the market. However, it doesn't mean that all of them are used for gaming. My friend's uncle owns an aquatic pool supply shop in Cerritos, CA and he has an office PC that can run Crysis on max with a great frame rate without breaking a sweat, but the sad part is that PC will never be used for gaming.

Charmers3493d ago

Oh god not the old "there are no PC games in shops" argument. That has been covered so many times. No PC gamer is STUPID enough to buy games from a retail shop. They buy their games either via steam or order them from an online retailer where they are a hell of a lot cheaper than a retail shop.

The only thing that "lack of PC games in retail shops" demonstrates is that retail shops are on their way out. The only thing keeping retail chains going are the consoles and once they make the switch to digital distribution you can kiss retail shops goodbye.

DERKADER3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

How convenient, because I bet 90% of computers on this planet have never played a game in its life. Of course a device designed just to play games is going to do a better job then the average non gaming PC. We all know that a high end PC will destroy any console.

@below: True, but steam is a good gauge of the gaming communities specs.

gamesmaster3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

Charmers, you're completely overlooking the fact that steam does not account for 100% of PC hardware users. you clearly dont have a clue what you're talking about it seems.

steam survey is just a fraction of the pc users out there. Think man.

ps3 is probably more powerful than 90% of pc's out there, but out of that 90% how many are used as gaming machines? comparatively, not many. The statement patcher made is pretty useless, as you say, but it isnt particularly wrong.

presto7173493d ago

Not many people's pc's could run KZ2 or GOW3 as smooth and steady as the ps3 does it. FACT.

Dont get me wrong, there are pc's that tear sh*t up. But ps3 is stronger than the vast majority out there.

badz1493493d ago

having DX10 or DX11 capable cards will not automatically make your PC more powerful than the PS3 or 360! I'm not supporting Patchter with his bizarre prediction here but there are less powerful DX10 and DX11 cards out there in the market especially those cards targeted for the masses! those lower end cards, although capable of DX10 and DX11 will never ever run a game better than the PS3 or 360!

Charmers3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

@ gamesmaster - I know the steam hardware survey isn't a survey of ALL PC's in existence. However it is a good representative sample of steam users and their hardware. At least there is some attempt by steam to show what is happening with PC hardware.

Now tell me where did Pachter get his "90%" figure ? oh yeah that's right he just pulled a number out of his rear end.

@ badz149 - erm I am unaware of a single Dx11 card on the market that is weaker than the consoles GPU perhaps you could show me which Dx11 card you feel is weaker than the 360 or PS3's GPU. Either way I understand there are SOME Dx10 cards that are weaker and that is why I went on to show that at least 40% of steam users have a GPU stronger than the GPU in the consoles.

sikbeta3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

Honestly, I don't give a Damn, I LOVE my PS3, but when there are a couple of games that I can't play on my PS3, like gears 1 (I wanted to put SC:C but the DRM sucks and I'll not play it), PC is just there, is not "da most powarful g-rig eva" but still works, so I use it sometimes...For example I'm really used to play NFS games on PC, so I didn't bought NFS Carbon/lame-Street/Undercover for PS3, I'm all For PS3 Exclusives and Some Big IPs

Baka-akaB3493d ago


The point is you're mentioning a survey on a platform that is already a filter .

Of course most folks on steam would be able to play most games . Did we expect even 1% of steam user to have a pentium 2 and trying to run hl2 ?

As usual Patcher generalise and exagerate things , he's a mediatised medium when you look at it . Always wrong , yet always right because he "guesses" some of the most obvious things , and make some of the most ludicrous claims never panning out , yet excused because of past "good (yet again obvious) guesses" .

tordavis3493d ago

Not with 512mb of ram it isn't.

Thugbot1873493d ago

This is silly, it's like saying one model fits all things. PS3 kills your average Intel/AMD processors at float point or vector calculations. Intel/AMD processors kill the Cell at General Purpose processing. When you look at the majority of applications on MAC/Windows/Linux platforms running on PC they are General Purpose. Which means cell wouldn’t be running any circles around our current PC’s. In addition its running on the PS3 which compared to current PC is dated hardware, SLI Video cards with 1GB of memory each or more, physical memory of 6GB to 8GB on many of the gaming systems, solid state drives which kills the PS3 in transfer rate of any drive you could put in. In addition if that’s not enough you can throw in a raid controller and run RAID 0.

Just more fanboy talk. If the PS3 hardware was the new standard and really pushing things that much in turns of leaping PC computing ahead you would see currently the PC\Apple manufactures would be pushing it in their latest models declaring the death of Intel and AMD, but we done. I wonder why??

Tony P3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

So a PS3 is more powerful than the billions of PCs specifically NOT built for gaming.

Glad we had this talk, Patch.

Edit: Whoa. His name is "Pachter"? I've been misreading it all this time as "Patcher".

raztad3493d ago


GoW3 says hi. Game got extremely hi res textures and gigantic levels. If you played it you know I'm telling the true.


Devels can get as far as the hardware allows.


The PC is such an heterogeneous realm. It's obvious Patcher is just guessing. What I know for certain is that the PS3 is more capable than my laptop at pushing polygons.

BattleAxe3493d ago

PC gamers are the most bone headed gamers around, it just blows me away. You just can't argue with these guys, because according to them everyone on the planet uses Steam like its an everyday thing. 95% of gamers have probably never heard of Steam, and 99.9% of people have never had the thought of building a PC ever cross their minds. Most gamers I've talked to have never even heard of Crysis, you know why? Because its a PC game. Sorry to burst your magic mushroom filled bubble.

presto7173493d ago

Its sooo true man. Couldn't have said it better myself.

PC gaming is just not big where I'm from. Its all consoles consoles baby. People use pcs to type up documents and go on facebook/youtube/etc.

inveni03493d ago

PCs aren't powerful. Go to Walmart or BestBuy and watch what people are buying. They aren't as powerful as the PS3. You know why? Because they buy PCs out of the box...PCs that don't include dedicated graphics cards. And that's the difference. Walmart doesn't sell a PC that would play GTA4 at PS3 specs. It doesn't sell a PC that would play MGS4, Uncharted 2 or GOW3, either (if those games were multiplat).

Pachter is talking about the PC market as a whole...because that's his job. The PS3 is not more powerful than 90% of gamers''s more powerful than 90% of purchased computers. This includes household and business use, I'm sure.

We all know that PCs can be upgraded, but that's not his point. So PCBoys can quit being butt hurt by the statement. Open your minds a little. More people own computers than just gamers.

Lots more.

Charmers3493d ago

@ BattleAxe - Right so according to YOUR figures 95% of PC gamers have never heard of steam. So lets do the maths, we know there are 25 million steam users so if 25 million steam users only account for 5% of the PC gaming population that means there are a further 500 million PC gamers then. This is according to YOUR own figure Battleaxe.

SO if Pachter is correct and only 10% of PC's out there are more powerful than the PS3/360 that comes to at least 50 million PC's. Well I guess you can't argue with your own figures then can you.

As for PC users being bone headed erm no I find it is PS3 users like you that are bone headed but we won't go there.

kneon3493d ago


He said 95% of gamers, not PC gamers. I expect he's in the right ballpark with that guess. But I would be surprised if most PC gamers were not aware of Steam and other such services.

The average selling price for PCs fell below $500 last year so the vast majority of PCs bought were not all that powerful, and don't forget about all the 2-5 year old machines still out there.

For the average person PC gaming means playing farmville on facebook, they don't know what steam is and are probably not even aware that many games that they play on their console are also available for the PC.

I've been gaming on PCs since the Apple ][ era (128kb, 1mhz 6502). Now I've got 12gb and a quad core i7 running at 2.66Ghz. That is not typical at all. Since I'm a programmer I end up being the defacto neighborhood tech support guy. Most machines I see are crap, usually a p4, sempron or celeron with 1-2gb ram and integrated graphics. Not at all powerful machines. That is typical of the vast majority of PCs, gamers are weird, we spend more on a video card than most people will spend on a complete system, monitor included.

Motion3492d ago

Well, in all seriousness, I believe there are an estimated 900mill - 1 billion computers in the world. So basing the ps3 install base against that, and all those computers still kicking around from the 80's and 90's...yeah, i bet Patcher might be right for once - there probably are 90-100 million more powerful PC's out there. Hell, he might be even be giving pc's a little too much credit ;p

sid4gamerfreak3492d ago

Wow Pachter you have lost all my respect. This news is actually pretty hilarious. How can ps3 be faster than 90% of the pc? Even a 500 dollar pc owns the ps3. Come on, Pachter try again, and this time don't make a fool of yourself.

Viper73492d ago

Well dunno where Patcher got his 90%, guess its just a number he threw from his hat. But it is true that most of the PC's still used by people are not on the level of Ps3 or X360 for that matter.

There are plenty of people using old PC's, maybe just to play mmorpg of some sort (which most can be played even with 5-9 year old pc). Not to mention the groups that just play these golden oldies like diablo, Cs or Warcraft which don't really require you to have high end hardware. Considering the total amount of PC's theres not really all too many users with high end hardware (or there might be but only few of those actually buy games).

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-Alpha3493d ago

He says some things that are obvious, but he dresses it up to make it sound like its new, and sometimes he just "tries" to make something sound true by dressing it up with clever wording.

The fact of the matter is that the PC is used by innumerable people everywhere, and there is a sharp difference between a gaming PC and a regular, work PC.

Saying 90% of PS3's are more powerful makes it sound like the PS3 is superior to the PC but that is a flat out misinterpretation that fanboys are bound to eat up. That is the problem with guys like Pachter, he says things, people don't think them through, and then he becomes accepted as a valid source for facts.

A PC will always be more powerful than the console and they advance rapidly and regularly. It is an open ended platform that is always evolving. The PS3 is one hell of a console though, and I have no doubt that it's stronger than some PCs, but there's never only "one kind" of PC.

Eddie201013493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

Not defending Pachter, but he is not far off the mark. He did not say that the PS3 is faster than PC's, he said that the PS3 is faster than 90% of the PC's out there.

I would agree that there is probably about 10% of PC consumers that are gaming enthusiast which is probably not a small number compared to the number of people that own PC's.

Anyway, I don't think he was bashing PC's with his comment, he was just making a comment on the market.

The PS3 can do amazing things though, I have a gaming PC and I have seen very few games that look as good as God Of War 3, Uncharted 1 and 2, Heavy Rain.

Biggest3493d ago

What is with this guy? Even when he isn't predicting anything he spouts crazy.

Al Bundy3493d ago

He makes a valid point. How many people have high end gaming PCs?

SOAD3493d ago

His point is not valid because he cannot prove what he said.

greatjimbo783492d ago

@Soad: What! It would appear to me that you don't have logic mode switched on today. Either that or you have the decorators in.