Platform Nation: Dante's Inferno Review

Platform Nation writes: "This has been a long time coming. From the first stunt that EA Games pulled back in September until its Super Bowl commercial this month, Dante's Inferno has spent its fair share of time in the spotlight; growing, building excitement, sparking curiosity, and swarming all over the media. One could even point out that Dante has had his fair share of spotlight right here on Platform Nation. But today a very important question gets answered: Is this game just another God of War clone, or is it able to stand on its own legs as a legitimate contender for 'Game Of The Year?'"

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spirit7773497d ago

After playing the demo I really found dantes inferno to be an awesome game. Love the story and the enemies in my opinion are epic. I think using hell as a place of the game was a unique and very well executed idea. I recommend this game to my freinds thats for sure :-)