Planet Xbox 360: Toy Soldiers Review

Planet Xbox 360 writes: "There have been quite a few tower defense games released in recent memory that lean towards frustrating and tedious gameplay. So it was a breath of fresh air playing through Toy Soldiers, the first game in Microsoft's "Block Party" event on Xbox LIVE. Toy Soldiers takes you out to the battlefields of your bedroom floor as you carry out World War I in an attempt to protect your coveted toybox from the invading German forces. All the units and settings are based around WWI and the soundtrack is grandiose as it rallies players up for battle. What makes Toy Soldiers truly entertaining and fast paced is the ability to take control of each individual unit that you have strategically placed in hopes of wiping out the onslaught of enemy soldiers, tanks, and defenses. You can drop down from overhead and fire off mortar rounds, unleash fury with a turret, drive a tank, pick off a few of the opposition from a sniper tower, or do a quick bombing run with a plane."

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