Nintendo DS to Be Used in Japanese Schools

The Nintendo DS is going to be used as an educational tool in Japanese schools in the new school year

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TheGameLlama3498d ago

Crank it up to textbook size if it's going to be used as one! :P

Braineater24483498d ago

Ladies and Gentleman! We have a comedian in the house...

Blaze9293498d ago

I think using these devices as educational tools is a GREAT way to reach out to youth in school now adays. Just awhile ago Rockstar put PSPs in some school with Beaterator to promote the ever dying subject in schools, Music. I just thought that was a fantastic way to do things.

leeger3498d ago

it still prints money.

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naznatips3498d ago

Interesting I guess... more spreading of gaming devices into the mainstream is never bad.

FrankWest3498d ago

I suppose this will add some nice numbers for the handheld sales

MisterPickles23498d ago

Any initiative that helps gaming's image in the public eye is cool with me :)

franco3498d ago

Better question... can the DS be stopped?

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