N-Philes: Dante's Inferno Review

N-Philes writes: "It's hard not to be cynical about a game like Dante's Inferno. What it represents is an unholy plural marriage between a pillar of Western literature, a religion that over a billion people still observe today, and a 100% obvious ripoff of a hot commodity action video game. Playing through the game, it's hard to claim that rape isn't occurring before your eyes in some form or another. Like, EA's Visceral Games studio is sexually violating Sony's acclaimed God of War series, and in the process kind of directing its defiled body into performing subsequent debasement upon Dante Alighieri's epic poem and the Catholic Church. Some serious inverse gangbang of intellectual property appears to have taken place in its inception, a consecutive rape multiplier bonus scored across several parties. This is a crime in which you, as the player, are now a willing accomplice. Of course, like many other egregious slights against God and man, Dante's Inferno is actually pretty fun."

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Jab-dees-nuts3494d ago

Despite what alot of the God of War fans might say, the game holds up pretty good, graphics wasn't close to that of GOW3 but they weren't bad. I think the game just came out WAY too close to GOW3 launch