Planet Xbox 360: Just Cause 2 Preview

Planet Xbox 360 writes: "I raced a heavily armed helicopter to the ground, pulling my chute seconds before I hit the ground. I decimated cranes and snatched up plenty off bystanders and forced them to embark on a 250 meter free fall most likely ending with more than a splat. Why would I commit such reckless and depraved acts? Just Cause. Ok, so the joke is getting old, but I spent some time with Just Cause 2 this weekend and have grappled my way back home to talk about it. Just Cause 2 is the continued tale of Rico, the grapple-gun for hire. Our base jumping hero travels to the luscious island of Panau in hopes of finding his missing mentor and overthrowing the evil dictator Baby Panay. It may surprise you, but the plot isn't the reason you should be visiting Panau when Just Cause 2 hits stores."

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