WorthPlaying: Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter Review

WorthPlaying writes: "Some games combine the right mix of elements to create an exceptional game, and Drawn to Life was a surprising example of this. Initially, it sold rather poorly due to rather tepid reviews that weren't sure if the game was the smartest idea or was well implemented. The intended kid's market, with a periphery demographic that didn't find the creative elements to be sufficient, didn't get the game selling until THQ quickly slammed out a SpongeBob SquarePants Edition, which not only sold like hotcakes, but also kick-started sales of the original title. Now, THQ has gotten around to doing a proper sequel with Drawn To Life: The Next Chapter and a separate sequel on the Wii, under a different developer and with a different plot. All the strengths are here and tighter than before, but with the catch of making the game's largely unfixed weaknesses a little more visible."

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