Alan Wake - Hands on by Gameuber

"Alan Wake is not just a survival horror game. It is more than that. It's a piece of work that is conscious of its heritage that can be found in videogames, the movies and television – and translates that into a type of experience that combines narrative and gameplay together, not relying on cut-scenes initiated with action, but instead combining the two." - Says Gameuber about Alan Wake

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Jedward-3500d ago

Yes like its a survival farming flashlight game like lolol what a stupid idea , ooh i beat a harverster with a flashlight like how stupid is that like lmao M$ are so retarded along with remedy like they make a great pair.

TheXgamerLive3498d ago

just like the ticking of a clock, you come girls come a running. but but but but.........

GameOn3498d ago

Like, like, like, like STFU!!!

hoops3498d ago

So you played it to make that assumption?

WhiteKnight19833498d ago

sounds gd looks like an imbred between silent hill and max payne

Al Bundy3498d ago

The haters say PS3 exclusives are so great because they take so long to develop. Well here you go, Alan Wake has been in development for over 5 years so let's see what the quality of this game is like when it's released. After this there will be no more excuses.

WhiteKnight19833498d ago

look at too human that been in development more then 5 yrs and look what happen to there are games that comes close but not that close to any ps3 exclusives

hoops3498d ago

You will hate it regardless..its a Xbox360 game no matter how good it turns out to be.


What game besides KZ2 took forever on the PS3?

On topic: This looks like a game that will pull you in and won't let you go. It has been a long time coming...

Kahvipannu3498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

Al, that just doesn't make sense. And don't ask why, if you don't get it, explaining won't help.

Eagerly waiting this title.

Whiteknight, yeah, I think it was near 10 years for Too human, and several platform changes. Haven't played the game, so can't say is it any good, but critics pretty much smashed it.. :S

iFLOWLIKEWATER, well. GT5 is looking to take eternity to come out :D
But I believe that it will be awesome when it does, altought they should just release the game, and add 3d, Move support and other stuff they are currently doing as patches later..

dangert123498d ago

why are you always flamebaiting @Al Bundy

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