Gamefaqs: 10 Games That Would Benefit From A DS Remake Or Sequel

Gamefaqs: The DS has seen quite a few remakes, updates and sequels since it first came out. From Mario 64 DS to Pokemon HG/SS, we've seen time and again that the unique hardware of the DS can add enough to a game to make it worth getting again the second time around.

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BlackIceJoe3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

I would so love to see a Super Mario RPG 2. I think that would be an awesome game. Plus I would like to see Geno again. Also it would be interesting to see what SquareEnix & Nintendo could do for the sequel.

I think it would also be neat to see a new side-scroller Metroid game.

Also having a new PilotWings game would be great. But I think it would work better for the Wii. But if it came out on the DS that would be great too. That all being said the list has some great games and even if just a few got remakes or sequels. That would be cool.

-Mezzo-3500d ago

I completely agree with you.

Cajun Chicken3500d ago

'E.V.O.' it's an awesome SNES game by Enix about evolving from a fish to get to land. Rather brilliant experience and has a great soundtrack.

eagle213500d ago

I would love for Zelda: Four Swords to be released on Wii for WiFi Online 4 player mode. That would be really awesome. :)

CAPT IRISH3500d ago

i want the first two dragon quest games

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