Infinty Ward: Double XP Weekend Confirmed For PS3 Modern Warfare 2, Date Unknown

Robert Bowling, Community Relations Manager for Infinity Ward, writes via Twitter:

"Yeah, PS3 will also get Double XP when DLC hits PSN, although that comes later. When it's dated, I'll let you know."

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Hotel_Moscow3495d ago

why is the map packs coming late to the ps3 ?

Wildarmsjecht3495d ago

Microsoft acquired a month of "timed exclusiveness" on the DLC.

Hotel_Moscow3494d ago

srgh why is are they so cruel is it becaus ethey cant stand up to the ps3 ina head to head competition

dkgshiz3495d ago

What does GP stand for? Glitch points.

poontab3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

Great! I was kind of sad when I found out you can HEX hack your save file to the Platinum trophy but I could really use a stimulus package to catch up to all the fake 10 tier prestigers who hack your cheap game! Question though do modders get 4x XP since I'm getting 2x?