PS3 Slim Retail Pack Hides a Top Secret Portal


The latest batch of PlayStation 3 Slims hide a small but effective secret.

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butterfinger3496d ago

That definitely looks to be for throwing a game in, but I thought the users comments about the Slim overheating 90% of the time were absolutely laughable. My Slim gets a little warm, but it's never overheated on me, and I have spent a LOT of time playing God of War III and Final Fantasy XIII lately.

Dorwrath3496d ago

Just because yours doesn't over heat, doesn't mean his doesn't.

Mine has a temperamental on/off touch button. Yours doesn't.

There are always faulty products, and fanboys will jump on me for saying it, but there are faulty PS3s.

Christopher3496d ago

Slim models don't overheat, it's the older 60/20/40 GB models with the older materials in them. Slim models produce a lot less heat in all but the internal wireless device due to new circuits using less power and improved HDDs.

Oner3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

Actually Dorwrath there is absolutely nothing wrong with what you said (if understood in the right context of SOME earlier PS3's etc NOT Slims). Fanboys will undoubtedly have a probelm ~ Yes, but to people with any amount of civility and maturity there is no issue (or at least shouldn't be, again under the right context of not Slims). Things break...that's life and the nature of the beast. It's just when failures are EXCESSIVE (and proven) is when company "Y" should be held accountable and should be called out on it.

butterfinger3496d ago

You are talking to the wrong person. Perhaps you should've read the actual comment on the site? The person was saying that is happens to 90% of Slims, and that it has affected his girlfriend's brother's and two of his other friends that have slims. I was simply pointing out the opposite. There wasn't a need for your preaching.

maasman3496d ago

No, he said it happened to his friends 90% of the time. He says nothing about all slims.

Timesplitter143496d ago

Step 1 : Go get a PS3
Step 2 : Put 3 games in the PS3 box through that little portal
Step 3 : Pay for your PS3, but not for the 3 games
Step 4 : PROFIT

kdawg53496d ago


Old materials? You may want to look into that first because I can put money on it that the same "materials" were used in both the slim and the fat, just that they were used in a different, more efficient manner. All components are still made from the same "materials".


Priceless I love that idea!

To everyone!

The PS3 Slim has a higher internal temperature than the Fat, FYI.

SixZeroFour3496d ago

that would work, except that those 3 games wouldnt have been scanned, thus setting off alarms when you try to walk out the store

tripewire3496d ago

Mine has overheated and shut down once, and was getting lots of artifacting and glitching when I kept restarting the Zeus fight.

120 gb first gen slim. Check my comment history. Overheated while watching downloaded movies

shadow27973496d ago

And here I was expecting Portal, the game...

Is Portal really the right word here, or was it just used to avoid innuendos?

irepbtown3496d ago

My 80GB ps3 never overheats, and there have been loads of times where i play 12 hrs straight ( holidays ).

True, just squeeze loads of games in, then pay for like 1-2. But i doubt it will be successfully done.

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n4gn4gn4gn4g3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

that IS a surprise. I fully expected SONY to never again have a game bundled with their machine.

Shendow3496d ago

Only happens in the PS3 20GB, 60GB and 80GB models, do to the hard drive doing 7,200rpm which does work well with PS3 and makes it overheat.

Slim models could overheat I guess if you put it in a place where it gets alot of dust and all. But that is the only way I can think of an I live in Kansas were dust is bad here for gaming systems and my friend hasn't had really any problems (Besides not knowing how to work it) with his PS3 slim.

kdawg53496d ago

PS3 20GB and 60GB models have 5400 rpm hard drives... thats why it takes forever to install game data to it.

corneliuscrust3496d ago

just wondering since it's the one i have (always have been thinking about an upgraded HDD)

poontab3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

I definitely have a PS3 group of friends, (I have a 80 w/bc, my roommate has 60 launch, Eli 120 slim, Klutz 120 slim, Brandon 40 fat, Raab 80 fat, Jeff 40 fat) and everyone of them work perfectly. Not one of our systems have gone in for repairs, and we don't take exceptionaly good care of them either. All but the 2 slims have had their HDD replaced with seagate 7200 500gb $120 newegg. Not one fail aside from the random internet browser crash.

poontab3496d ago

All PS3's, even slims, come with a 5400rpm drive. The speed boost is negligible in some game's, like CODMW1&2, but with GTA4, KZ2, & UC2 I noticed quite a speed boost. We just bought the 7200 500gb because it has the 16mb cache and I figure if there was to be any performance increase it would be from doubling the cache.

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blackmamba7073496d ago

box with a place for bundled exclusive game
something nonexistant on Flopbox 3FixMe

jay23496d ago

No overheading issues (or, as far as I know any of the issues with game freezes ect people report) on my UK launch 60GB.

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