GOONL!NE Review: White Knight Chronicles

James Love, GOONL!NE writes:

"I came to White Knight Chronicles full of hope and optimism but left bitterly disappointed. WKC feels dated with a combat system that is severely lacking and a lacklustre story. The menus are overly complicated and the game overall has a stale feeling about it, the game leaves you feeling the days of the typical JRPG could be numbered.

Somehow Level 5 have sequel commissioned which when I first read it thought it must've been a mistake but no, there is another title on the way. Going by the first WKC I feel the damage could already be done and the second game could be doomed before it's even properly begun.

If you want to know what Level-5 are truly capable of, I urge you to go and grab a copy of Dragon Quest VIII and save yourself from the disappointment that I'm sad to say is White Knight Chronicles. It's by no means awful, just a lot of wasted potential."

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