Despite Death Threats, 'Halo 3' Developer Keeps Secrets Close To The Chest

Frank O'Connor knows everything there is to know about "Halo 3," even though the game isn't coming out until 2007. It's hard for him not to, since he already has a copy of the latest version of the game on his Xbox 360.

Frank O'Connor also knows that the guy he gets coffee from at Starbucks every morning is aware of this. The Starbucks guy knows that O'Connor works at Bungie, the company that makes "Halo." "You can tell he's just itching to ask things," O'Connor told MTV News. But the Starbucks guy doesn't.

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LilClaw5405d ago

ZZZzzzz....ZZZzzzzzzz....ZZZZZ ..z.z.zzz..

slugg5404d ago

Has one of the awesomest, yet surely one of the toughest, jobs around. Imagine winning the Lottery, but not being able to tell anyone in your family for, say, a week, or you risk losing the money. How hard would that be? I bet Frankie can hardly contain himself when he sees something awesome that he knows would blow fans away, but is required to keep mum about it. And the whole thing with trying to release just enough tidbits in his weekly update without "really" giving anything away would probably drive the average person crazy. (Actually, maybe he is a little crazy...) But in a way I don't envy him. Knowing everything ahead of time kind of ruins the game in a way. When I played through Halo 2 the first time, and realized I was playing as the Aribiter with Elites for support, etc., I literally jumped out of my chair, spewed out some incoherant nonsense, and then called everyone I knew to see if they had got that far yet. And you know what? Those of my friends that weren't to that part yet, I made sure not to ruin it for. It was too great of a moment to spoil. So some secrets are worth keeping, no matter how hard it might be. Way to go, Frankie!