Top 5 upcoming PS3 exclusives after God of War III

The top five upcoming Playstation 3 exclusive games to look forward to once you are done playing God of War III.

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Darkeyes4820d ago

We will also see KZ3 in the near future and it's already 95% confirmed, so that is another huge title along with Resistance 3 and Jaffe's Game (Twisted Metal)... Oh not to forget FF vs 13 as well.

All in all, great time for gaming.

mikeslemonade4820d ago

Agent is my most anticipated game if it stays exclusive to PS3.

jwatt4820d ago

Well for confirmed games I definitely have the Agency in my top 5. For Unconfirmed, Infamous 2 will be at the top of my list.

PaLaK-4820d ago

With everyone elses comments there are like 10 exclusives people are waiting for - the list doesn't fail as they are all quality games I'm looking forward but the PS3 has just too many games - a lis of 10 would have been better!

xTruthx4820d ago

Infamous 2 would be nice :o

presto7174820d ago

As gamers, we should feel sorry for fellow gamers that are missing out.

Hanif-8764820d ago

Gran Turismo 5 should of been at the #1 spot on this list :-)

BattleAxe4820d ago

Socom4 is my most anticipated game, but I'm really interested to see what Agent is like. I just hope that Agent isn't another form of GTA, kinda like Red Dead Redemption.

Hudahudahuda4820d ago

Playing god of war 3 was my main mission for this generation.

Main quest completed. Now to carry on with the sidequests.

sikbeta4820d ago

OMG I can't wait for TRICO, I mean The Last Guardian, Team Ico Next Masterpiece, PD with the Amazing Gran Turismo 5, I'll playing ModNation Racers, that Game will be Pure Fun, also I want to see Something about the Agency by SOE and that's Only The Begining, Too Much Variety of Awesome Games...

CrazzyMan4820d ago (Edited 4820d ago )

1) FFXIII Versus
2) The Last Guardian
4) Gran Turismo 5
5) KillZone 3

6) Infamous 2
7) Demon`s Soul 2
8) Resistance 3
9) Yakuza 4
10) Uncharted 3
11) Motorstorm 3

Atleast 11 MUST PLAY AAA PS3 EXCLUSIVES for next 2 years... =)

FACTUAL evidence4820d ago

Waiting for resistance 3....ahthank you!

Arnon4820d ago

"95% confirmed"

Did anyone catch the irony?

JaymezProSauce4820d ago

Let's hope Resistance and KZ have an enjoyable multiplayer experience. R1 was fun for me. R2 was not. I also miss having all 8 weapons at once :| (or am i mistaken, can u only have 2 weapons online in r1 and r2?) Kz2 was bleh. using boost with rockets on the assault class was fun for the first week, but that was about it. was lame esp. when people disabled rockets. :|; all i had left was the magnum-type pistol.

Side note: Mw2 would be amazing if there was dedicated servers, no thermal, and no heartbeat sensor.. and less noob tubers. :P

JL4820d ago

As far as what's officially announced, I think that list looks pretty good there. Only problem is: the order is way out of wack for me. For mine it would be:

1. SOCOM 4
2. GT5
3. ModNation Racers
4. Agent (which could move up a spot once we actually see something)
5. The Last Guardian

After FF13, I'll have to really get a better look at Versus to see if I want it. My anticipation and excitement for 13 just drained as more and more came to light.

And if we're talking unannounced games, god I can't wait for UC3. I can't wait for the inevitable Demon's Souls 2 as well. And like someone mentioned above, I too would like to see more about Agency (am I'm not even into MMO games like that).

Miraak82 4820d ago

besides the majors games that are all coming i'm really looking forward to 3d dot game heroes!!!!!!!!!!

Timesplitter144820d ago

The Last Guardian will be the best game this gen

sid4gamerfreak4820d ago

wow, the ps3 exclusive linup gets more and more impressive, I'm worried that I won't be able to enjoy all the exclusives due to my limited amount of money and time.

Great year to a gamer...

arny4819d ago

Have fun playing all this games with your 360

ThanatosDMC4819d ago

I'm looking forward to Resistance 3 and hopefully Yakuza 4 if it's ever release in NA. Damn, Yakuza 3 was awesome! I highly recommend it!

If you've never played the first two Yakuza games, there's a narrated summary with Yakuza 3. So you wont be out of the loop.

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mjolliffe4820d ago

Looking good for PS3! Of course, Xbox 360 has a pretty swell list as well!

Xplayer20314820d ago

Agreed. This has got to be the best year for gamers, imo :)

Biggest4820d ago

Did this list just become "Top 5 games coming to PS3 after God of War 3 and Xbox has games too"?

GabeTheFatPrincess4820d ago

Final Fantasy Versus XIII is right below it, I need to see more.

DarkTower8054820d ago

I still get chills everytime I see the Last Guardian trailer. Shockingly I never played Team Ico's other games, but it seems I have no time with all the current gen games

sikbeta4820d ago

TLG Trailer is so Amazing, Team Ico is Creating a Masterpiece like Always

Nikuma4820d ago

You should take the time to at least play Shadow of the Colossus...that game is simply amazing.

The Wood4820d ago

what nikuma said...I found ico a little boring tbh...sotc is the way to go

Throwaway20204820d ago

Excuse me for being a noob but what changes are made to the versus version of a final fantasy. Also am I correct in saying that it is a Ps3 exclusive.

blind-reaper4820d ago

yeah I excuse you lol... FFvsXIII it is a totally different game.

akiraburn4819d ago

@Huwmor, well actually it's an entirely different game. Not a whole lot is known so far about the game, but certain things have been shown and confirmed. First off, it's the story of a character named Noctis, and the game is very Noir. In some ways it's reminiscent of FFVII and FFVIII's darker side. They have a few videos of Versus right now which I suggest checking out. The game will be taking place in the same universe/world as FFXIII, but the characters, areas, and setting will be all different, and most likely a different time period.

To add, the group working on this game is largely composed of people that were on the Kingdom Hearts team, as well as Tetsuya Nomura (character designer for FFVII, VIII, X, etc) as director (and I believe Team Lead as well) on the project. Most recently, Nomura confirmed that the game will be going back to its roots, adding airships and traveling along a world map (this was further confirmed due to a few leaked pictures that were spread over the net), which should please many fans of the series. Just head on over to Gametrailers or IGN and check out some of the content they have on the game. It's looking really amazing in the small amount we have seen.

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Bobbykotickrulesz4820d ago

So many exclusives, so little time.

I guess I'll play Halo: Reach when it finally comes out. That'll be a decent Xclusive.


This low caliber titles while you can ps3 fangirls!
and thats including GOW3!

Because im telling you Halo Reach is coming up, and if anything gets on its way, Halo Reach will rape and murder.

HALO REACH=PS3 fangirls worst nightmare!!!

karan86244820d ago


So worth another $60 and years wait

GR8 14820d ago (Edited 4820d ago )

1. Halo Reach

2. Splinter Cell Conviction

3. Alan Wake

4. Fable III

5. Crackdown 2

Then to put the Final Nail in PS3 coffin we have incoming:

Project Natal
New Redesigned xbox360.

Darkeyes: u pathetic baboon this is about 5 exclusives i could have also listed a longer list if i wanted. Man face it ps3 is on life-support u know it and i know it.

Darkeyes4820d ago (Edited 4820d ago )

1. The Last Guardian

2. GT5

3.Twisted Metal


5.Killzone 3 (already confirmed)

6.Infamous 2 (already leaked to be in development from the lead characters voice)

7.FF vs 13 (real FF unlike the gimped one due to the 360)

8.Resistance 3 (also another game from Insomniac as well as confirmed)

9.SOCOM 4.

10. ModNation Racers.

11. Many MOVE games unlike the stupid Dodgeball ones on the Failtal...

In short, PS3 pwns 360 due to sheer First Party might.... Oh and already 2 Blockbuster exclusives this year... GOW3 (GOTY BTW) and Heavy Rain... Come E3, expect many major PS3 games....

@Muderdolls/MetalGearRising/B ungie/GR81/...... Again, show me that 'LONGER' list of yours... Of ya that one made up on XBL games and stupid crap no one even cares about..

You want more?

12. FF14 (since you guys count PC games as exclusives as well).

13.Motostorm 3 (already Tech demo shown at GDC behind doors)

14. APB (or whatever it's called... It's also coming to the PC as well).

Anorexorcist4820d ago (Edited 4820d ago )


Edit: You know what's even better? Look at the photo below, and envision that being every delusional idiot Xbot sitting in front of their greasy computer monitors saying: "yeah, Teh PS3 has no good game. Teh sales are what make games good. Der, Deh PS 2 EyeToy had a controller, it's nothing like Natal."

young juice4820d ago (Edited 4820d ago )

list more please, since you didnt really prove darkeyes wrong.

hes still got 11 and you got 5.


media molocule isnt making a lpb sequal,but you can count on sony bend making syphon filter 4

Michael-Jackson4820d ago (Edited 4820d ago )

you hve 1isted 4 eXclusives

crackdown Sux

bad list bad

Kamikaze1354820d ago

- I have Mass Effect 2 on my PC so it isn't 360 exclusive.

- Another Halo game? What's different? Is this one actually in HD and a full game this time around? The current gen started a few years ago, buddy.

- I'll also be playing the PC superior version of Splinter Cell Conviction while you people lie to yourselves about how it's a 360 exclusive

- Alan Wake looks good, but not amazing. This is one of the only good 360 games coming out this year.

- Remember how Fable 2 was supposed to be so great and amazing, but turned out to be a let down, worse than the first game? I recommend not hyping this game till it's actually out. I remember the many features Fable 2 was supposed to include, but never did. Same goes with Gears of War was supposed to have more, but I guess the 360 couldn't handle it? idk

- Crackdown 2 has the exact same locations as the first. No thank you, but I've traversed those locations way too much when the first game came out. A few extra monsters, small story, and 1 or 2 new areas isn't enough to warrant a purchase for this game.

Project Natal? Isn't this a PS Eye for the 360? PS Eye didn't do too well, which is why Sony is moving forward with motion controls, which are a sucess (look at the Wii). Microsoft can have fun being several years behind current tech.

THC CELL4820d ago

Dont forget

The getaway Still in production
LBP sequal
wardevil Still a exclusive and more games to come soon

blackmamba7074820d ago

you forgot FFXIII 576p exclusivity!

jeseth4820d ago

After playing FF13 and how lackluster it is, I am starting to realize how gimped Metal Gear Rising is going to be because of its multiplatform status. It'll probably be a sub HD stripped down version of what could have been a great game.

Its sad that MGS4 will still be a better game while being years older than rising.

Other than that thought, I just feel sorry for him. Like every other 360 fanboy thry think NPD = The World. Unfortunately it doesn't and the PS3 outsells the 360 globally on a monthly basis at a higher price point. They also dismiss the fact that 360 had ot release a year earlier just so it would have a chance.

DatNJDom814820d ago

...............yea.....ya should......ya are...... and its rubbing on your fanboys intelligence.............. and sense of quality........

TD_RJ4820d ago

Everytime I read his comments I feel that he's actually a real bot not a 360 bot , but a real bot...

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