PSX Extreme: Just Cause 2 Preview

PSX Extreme writes: "The original Just Cause seemed to be little more than a Grand Theft Auto wannabe that could be entertaining but suffered from a lack of tightness. Perhaps fans will chastise me for summarizing that first effort in this way, but it's just how I remember my first experience controlling Rico Rodriguez. However, after reading up on the additions and enhancements one can expect from the sequel, I've become quite intrigued…with such insane, over-the-top stunts and ceaseless action, it just has to deliver something in the way of satisfaction. Therefore, I downloaded the mammoth demo (it clocks in at nearly 1.5GB) and set out to wreak havoc with Rico once again, hoping to experiment with as many of the additions and improvements as humanly possible. I only had 25 minutes to do it – didn't realize this could be bypassed by being all tricky – but I crammed a large amount of experimentation into that span of time. The good news is that the potential for this game remains sky-high; the bad news is that some of that aforementioned looseness remains."

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