PSX Extreme: Final Fantasy XIII Review #2

PSX Extreme writes: "I'm not going to get into all of the usual and detailed hoopla I tend to write about when I do these reviews; Ben's already got all of that covered in his review. My Final Fantasy XIII is more of an op-ed, sort to speak, albeit one with a legitimate score. Many of you guys know I love Final Fantasy, and I love traditional RPGs. I hold Final Fantasy VII and XII very near to my gaming heart, because I love the amount of freedom and exploration both offered. I loved the battle systems, and I loved the customization aspect of both games. Everything that made Final Fantasy VII and XII so great is practically missing from Final Fantasy XIII. And thus, Final Fantasy XIII is not really a true-blooded role-playing game, and it's arguably not even a true Final Fantasy game. Dare I say it, Final Fantasy X-2 was more proper than this here is."

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