Console Monster: God of War III Review

Console Monster writes: "The measure of a man is what he does with his power. Plato is credited with this quote, and in the current climate of political scandal it's quite poignant. It would be very interesting, perhaps, to see what would happen if Kratos's idea of justice were applied to Whitehall - maybe they'd even buck up their ideas. However, that's not why you're here and it's not what Kratos is interested in, so let us delve into the world of God of War III.

There are four levels of difficulty available as a new game is started: Spartan, God, Titan and Chaos. The latter of these is locked until the first play-though of the game has been completed. Those who've waded through the previous titles should have little problem with the default normal settings, it might even be worth upping the ante a little if you found things relatively easy before."

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