Current list of PS3 titles that will support Move

Nick @ PS3Center writes:

Just a little over a week ago, Sony held a huge coming out party for PlayStation Move, their upcoming motion controller peripheral. SCEA CEO Jack Tretton has gone on record, stating that Sony was working on 20 first party titles, and that 36 third party publishers would also be providing PlayStation Move support when it launched this fall.

Here is a current list of titles confirmed to support PlayStation Move at launch:

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Jedward-3496d ago

The move is the future of motion control and will bring in a new era of gaming , those who dont believe better get used to it.

haqshot3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )


Because a casual-targeted piece of hardware being launched on the console with the most mature audience is bound for nothing but success.

Two-Face3496d ago

I sense failure.

Seriously, if anybody thinks that this will be something that will move a lot of PS3 hardware is out of his mind.

Everybody who was interested in this gimmick already bought the Wii. There is no reason for them to buy a PS3 just for move.

ATLGAMER3496d ago

Will be a eye opener for a lot of you on move...

Greywulf3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

Behind closed doors innovation!

Couldn't even get Wii titles working with it.

@ Two-Face,

Sony isn't *JUST* betting on Move to get new sales. They have everything else thats been selling the PS3 faster than the 360. This is just yet another option for those comfortable with motion controls to come over and experience HD gaming with more serious titles.

Unlike Natal, MOVE isn't Sony's last breath in console gaming. And unlike Natal, Move isn't vaporware.

Wrathman3496d ago lovers seem to forget that nintendo has already sold around 60million wii' far i cant see why its so different.besides precision.and i have never heard my granny complain about her wii not bein precise enough.

and they seem to think MS will launch natal without support.up to the release of natal,we wont be able to breathe without hearing about will be for it will be like blitzkrieg!

so what sets move apart from the wii??? answers on a post card please

morganfell3496d ago

Casual games? Yes that is why it is supporting SOCOM 4. You are right, that is such a casual family game, even grandma will like it...

Thanks for demonstrating you have no idea whatsoever concerning the approach Sony is taking with Move. I guess we all might as well ignore you since you have just indicated beyond a shadow of a doubt that you bring nothing to any conversations regarding Sony products. In fact, this thread is made less valuable by your comments so here...

DelbertGrady3496d ago

N4G logic. If it's on the PS3 it's the bestest ever.

hakis863496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

If a Wii-owner buys a PS3 (with move), he will get:
-a Blu-ray player
-a HD gaming experience
-a 3D gaming experience
-1:1 tracking and accuracy which opens up a new world of possible games (did you guys see the Tech demo where he placed the video of himself in one corner of the TV, whipped oust some pictures and actually bent and twisted them in real-time?! All in minority Report Style!)
-A lot of more core/hardcore games, possibility to stream media files, add friends with nicks instead of codes +++++++++++++

[email protected]: Really? I could swear I saw them holding a button and throwing a grenade with their arm

3XP3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

Get of your crippled high horse. The only support Move actually showed for Socom was aiming, hell you can't even throw a grenade using it. If this is the type of hardcore support they are talking about, why not just use the controller. I can aim just fine with an analog stick.

The Motion control for SOCOM is so limited, that it's actually pointless. 95 percent of the stuff they are doing they're using the analog stick and triggers.

Just like 95 percent of the games they have on that list are pretty much casual. Sony is saying one thing and doing another.

Xplayer20313496d ago

I will remember these words from you all when Move hit store shelves and we will see what happens there I'm not saying move will be a success and I'm not saying move won't be a success. I'm simply saying let's see what happens when it releases.

gaffyh3496d ago

Soda's logic, if it's on PS3 it's the worst game ever.

See I can do it too.

AKS3496d ago

You are going to get owned badly by players using Move. Using the Wiimote made a massive difference in improving my accuracy in Resident Evil 4 and the Metroid Prime games, and Move offers a higher level of accuracy than the Wiimote. It's OK. I get the same types claiming analog sticks are as accurate for aiming as the mouse. That changes pretty quick when we play a game like Unreal Tournament III. Keep thinking that way. We'll see later this year.

morganfell3496d ago

3XP, go back and watch the most recent Kevin Butler Commercial. Watch the guy throw a grenade with the subcontroller.


IdleLeeSiuLung3496d ago

ZoneAlarm reports the following: Exploit.Win32.Pidief.dbn

sikbeta3496d ago


No Pal, you're Wrong:

"Soda's logic, if it's a PS3 Article, must start a flame..."

Anyway, SOCOM4 Will be Awesome and NO, Ladies and Gentlemen, SOCOM Games are Not Casual-gimpy-lame-fun-games, SOCOM Series are Amazing Third-Person Tactical Shooters For Gamers and Hardcore Gamers...

3XP3496d ago

Go to 4:00 - 4:10 of the Socom Demo. This is a demo by Sony, not some commercial with a commedian in it.

Perhaps there are alternate ways to do it. But, the demo guy is sitting on the couch doing the same thing that he could just as easily do with a controller.

@AKS - READ WHAT WROTE! don't put words into my mouth, I never said the wand was less accurate than a controller, I said a (paraphrasing) that a controller would work just fine for me seeing the limited use is has in the SOCOM demo. I'm played tribes, and other games using the Mouse and I know that a mouse is much better for those type games than a joystick. As you said, I will continue to "think like this", and you do me a favor allow me to think the way I want, no need for you to think for me by poorly interpreting my words and then drawing your misguided conclusions to it.

inveni03496d ago

There ARE multiple ways to do it. The whole purpose of that stage demonstration was to show that you you don't have to flail your arms around to use the motion controller for aiming. If you watch some of the news media playing, they've adjusted the sensitivity and controller settings to make it more obvious that they're actually using motion control.

The problem with your comment is that you're ignorant on the subject. I know, that sounds like a harsh word, but if you research its meaning, you'll see it's accurate. You need to watch as many Move demos as possible before making an uninformed statement.


HolyOrangeCows3496d ago

Tiger Woods 2011 - If it's as good as the last wii title, this should be good.
LOTR Aragorn's Quest - If it's as fun as some of the other games...
Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition - Hopefully the controls are less awkward than on the title originally.
LittleBigPlanet - It will be interesting to see the implementations for this.
SOCOM 4 - Finally a real socom and a real hardcore game for motion controls.
Ape Escape - Really? That sounds kind of cool.
Flower - That's nice.
Pain - Interesting.

Looks interesting so far. I look forward to more hardcore shooters, though.

HolyOrangeCows3496d ago

Soda Popinski Logic: If it's a gaming article, you can connect PSTREE FANBOIS to it.

The Wood3496d ago

If ps3 fans are excited....piss on their parade:)

palaeomerus3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

I'm not sure that Move Party and The Shoot are games so much as "gamez". And Pain and High Velocity Bowling? Meh. Underwhelming is a bit of an understatement. Natal will probably reek just as badly.
This farce is almost over I think. By E3 we'll all be shaking our heads and wondering why we were even slightly excited.

beardpapa3495d ago


what you fail to see is that in the video of the Socom demo, the reticule is independent of the character's movements similar to the way RE4 Wii and RE5 Move demo handles things. If you ever played a Wii fps like COD you would know it's a horrible way to play. But here on the other hand because the reticule is independent, it's a much smoother and better experience than even keyboard/mice fps. So no, the Socom demo and how the Move was implemented isn't really a feasible way to play on regular controllers even IF the second analog was asigned to controlling the reticule.

Luchiano3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

If this is 1:1 accurate it will be awsome but if some one can come up with a mod so you can fit the whole thing on you finger tip or tips then it will be EPIC. I cant wait....

P.S. I hate my sons Wii so Sony better change my mind about motion control!

Edit. Imagine sitting there just pointing a finger at the screen to play some cool casual games. LOL you know Natal will never do that, well at least not any time in the near future.

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2FootYard3496d ago

The Shoot
Move Party
Motion Fighter
Sports Champion
TV SuperStars
Eccentric Slider
Ape Escape
Brunswick Pro Bowling
Under Siege
Eye Pet
High Velocity Bowling
Hustle Kings
Echochrome 2

That is an absolutely amazing list of games. I wouldn't hesitate to nominate each in every one for game of the year. Every single one of those games is more hardcore than anything Microsoft can throw to its disgusting, moronic fan base.

Inferno3496d ago

Hunting some bubbles, eh?

kratos1233496d ago

my friend flower alone is more innovative than what M$ has ever made.

ATLGAMER3496d ago

Which from my count has about 2 games....if burnout even uses that feature and probably milo and fable 3

thebudgetgamer3496d ago

clearly if it's not game of the year i have no time for it.

thats why i only play two games a year.

Forbidden_Darkness3496d ago

Milo was just smoke in mirrors, as for Fable 3, im sure it'll have only have a very very limited amount of use with Natal, because could you even imagine using Natal for an RPG?

3496d ago
thebudgetgamer3496d ago

dont worry i know you're a douche.

Redempteur3496d ago

flower is a great game ..move support is cool but i kinda want more levels ....

SOAD3496d ago

You guys use the word "innovative" a lot.

I don't think it means what you think it means.

At the same time, just because something is innovative, it doesn't mean that it's good or a step in the right direction.

Motion controls, let's say, were innovative. But a lot of people did not like them and didn't want anything to do with them.

Some guy above me said, "Flower is more innovative than anything MS has done" or something to that effect. Flower, whatever it may be, hasn't changed the face of gaming, first off, and second off, it's not like Flower was so amazing that everyone was awed by it. I played Flower on a friend's console (I have my own PS3 but didn't purchase Flower) and it's not a game that I would have paid for. It's different, sure, but it's a very repetitive, unrewarding game for me. I don't understand why you would stamp the word "innovative" on it and automatically declare it to be the best thing ever just because it is different.

I don't need companies to innovate all the time. I want companies to take existing technology and refine it. This is why Sony's MOVE, although not innovative, is still a cool device because it is a refinement of the Wii technology.

Equinoxe_73496d ago

Every game is repetative, Flower is not at huge game, it's nice and simple.

jack_burt0n3496d ago


epic fail, u listed last years Indie GOTY the closest an idiot like you gets to the truth is in ur sarcasm ROFL.

sikbeta3496d ago

You Guys don't understand his logic:

"ghost-mutation's logic, if it's a PS3 Game, it's da bad game evaaa..."

Well, at least he is not talking about "teh salez"....

palaeomerus3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

Um, what's amazing about it? Hell, what's even vaguely interesting about it? That's a pretty damned feeble list.

Am I missing out on some nifty ultra-sarcasm here?

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Jedward-3496d ago

Move= never seen before technology , as big as Neil Armstrong landing on the moon

Natal= Mass Media Flop

Floptards will buy natal cause they love flops.

2FootYard3496d ago

My first experience with Playstation Move was back in 06 when I tried the demo for ExciteTruck at Gamestop. I was far from impressed.

Wrathman3496d ago

lololololololololololololololo loololololololololol

never before seen technology...ololololololololo lolololololol

only by 60+million wii owners and everyone that watched someone play a wii.



Forbidden_Darkness3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

Sadely the Eye Toy has been around even longer, talk about ironic, but Microsofts so called future of gaming has already been done before...

Talk about impressive, Sony already had its turn with the technology and is already moving on to something alot more futuristic, while Microsofts finally geting sloppy seconds 6+ years later... Too bad.

Nitrowolf23496d ago

yeah my first experience of NATAL was back in 87
i remember it like it was yesterday MS just unveiled there latest tech i went to visit my local GS back then and played on there 360.

"Never before seen tech"
okay come on both MOVE and NATAL have both been done, the only thing i see that separates this from others is that it will be done better. We have seen the games for both ps3/360 and at least we know those games can be produced instead of shovel ware (its still gonna happen) we can expect much more for this gen then others

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gauntletpython3496d ago

I'm still reserving my opinion of it. I'll get to play with it at PAX, though! Looking forward to it!

saulx63496d ago

i dont think any of the move games will comapre to natal's

gauntletpython3496d ago

What are Natal's games, by the way?

Apocalypse Shadow3496d ago

natal has all this innovation and all these developers supposedly making games but....

NO ONE GETS TO SEE IT.not even developers.

when are we to see all this glorious stuff?how come it's always a year later at E3?

seriously...are they scared of sony to not show it?we know sony's got more up their sleeve at E3.

morganfell3496d ago

^^^^ That was the issue many were griping about at GDC. Nothing, zilch, zip. I wonder how long before the delay rumors begin for natal.

feelintheflow3496d ago

Oh yeah, thats right, I am sure the rumors will start to flow in about how its going to be delayed.... You yap like you work in the industry, yet you forget that E3 is when many developers, like SEGA, have said that MS will be showing games for Natal. Come on Morgan, I know your the mighty head of the Ps3 fan club, but do you actually think it would have been more advantageous for MS to show off the games at GDC than at E3? If, as I suspect, MS shows a ton of stuff about Natal at E3, Sony might be thinking twice about the fact that they showed their goods at GDC and didn't wait until the massive E3. Then again, since I don't work in the industry, I could be way off base, but unlike you Morgan, I don't claim that everything out of my mouth is straight from the almighty himself. What a tool.

SOAD3496d ago

As a gamer, my hope is that Microsoft does have something special to show off with Natal and isn't showing anything now because they're just playing it close to the chest. That's my hope as a gamer.

360 fanboys want Natal to succeed simply so they can have an extra bullet point in their stupid rants against Sony. PS3 fanboys want it to fail simply so they can have an extra bullet point in their rant against Microsoft.

morganfell3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

Well flow I do work in the industry and I was at GDC. GDC is where million dollar deals are made as publishers and developers are courted to use other company's (Microsoft's for example) hardware and software. natal wasn't there at the biggest developer trade show on earth. Not even behind closed doors. Your comment is a massive failure driven by lack of knowledge and insight. Goodbye.

theIMP3496d ago

Morgan, I would like to know what you do in the industry, or if you were just talking out of your a$$ like always. I am not saying you don't, I just think if you did you would be a little more professional, and a little less bias than you are on the N4G forms 24/7. Not to mention that I would think a good job in the industry would keep you busy, but you are on N4G all the time. Is that your job, Sony pays you to promote all things PS3 on forms? that is the only thing that would make sense.

morganfell3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

I work as a Creative Lead. I started out as a technical advisor and level designer. I support the PS3 and PC because the hardware and open development architecture allow the best possible titles. Last generation I supported the Xbox...alot. There are still interviews posted with me at under my real name. Superior hardware allows for a superior experience. I actually do not see the PS3 and PC as competitive.

This generation right out of the gate Sony fell on their ass. But they learned humility, a sense of humor, a sense of direction and have now, thanks to Microsoft's assistance, have completely switched places with MS when it comes to listening to the gamer. Sony also has the best breadth and depth of next generation games. They certainly are not a shooter only console and are pushing the boundaries when it comes to an expansive, ranging game experience. On top of that their support for developers makes MS look like Scrooge.

Last generation MS had the superior hardware, this time it's Sony. Sony have also started to scratch the surface on something MS claimed would be their forte with the 360 - user generated content. All of those MS claims about personal storefronts, t-shirts, models, etc? Hollow and now seen to be completely without foundation. User generated content is Sony's when it comes to consoles.

We have met with both companies and Sony's vision for gaming is without equal.

But since you feel I always talk out of my ass just put me on ignore. I could care less.

sikbeta3496d ago


Touché and with no the need to start a war, that's classy...

@other guys

I don't know how "big" or not, Morgan is in this industry, but the guy know stuff that the average guys here including myself don't, he told some stuff about the UE3 and how Epic works with Indy/Small/ Devs, so that's a Hint...

Btw Morgan, you didn't told my How Much cost the CryENGINE License...

Elvfam5113496d ago

lmfao can anybody say ownage. Dude do not speak no more on this article (theIMP).

theIMP3495d ago

Nice reply, and the talking out your ass thing was a little harsh, sorry. Thank you for the response, and the civil way you put it. I humbly eat my works. I had the wrong impression of you and stand corrected, and thats cool you do work in the industry. I went to school 2 years for game art and design, but couldn't finish due to my income coming to a halt. To be honest I am not that good at producing what someone tells me to (as far as drawing), but it was fun to learn 3D Max and make a few things, but I don't think I could hack it really, there are just to many bad ass artist anyway. Back to the matter at hand, thanks again for the civil post and sorry about my uncivil statement.

theIMP3494d ago

"Don't talk in this article NO MORE", man just so you know it would be "any more" and until you learn more about grammar, I wouldn't speak "NO MORE".

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