Gamer Euphoria: God of War III Review (PS3)

You can tell from the get-go that Kratos is one angry SOB, a trait that has pretty much spread throughout this illustrious series. Now we step into God of War III, the fifth game in the series (counting Chains of Olympus & the mobile only Betrayal) and one question needs to be asked: Does the series still have its spark? I can answer that with a resounding yes.

If you have played any of the previous God of War games, then you will know you play as Kratos, an angry Spartan whose one sole goal is this: revenge. Why, you might ask? Due to the fact that Zeus, his own father killed him on a temporary basis in the previous instalment and therefore Kratos will stop at nothing to kill the King of Olympus. Events pick up right where they left off at the end of God of War II, which sees Kratos on the titan Gaia along with the other titans climbing Mount Olympus ready to kill Zeus and his fellow brethren. After an epic opening battle, things don't go according to plan straight ahead and due to this mishap, Kratos sets out on another bloody adventure acquiring weapons and artifacts necessary to defeat the Greek gods and co in what will undoubtedly end up being a gory way.

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