Bad Company 2 Knife Destroys Building

RespawnAction: "Here is a video of a building at the secon set of M-Comm stations being destroyed. The catch here is, it was taken down by a knife. The player destroyed two particular wooden fences and then the building went collapsed. Some people say it is legit, others say great timing by a friend's C4 charge. What do you think?"

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JustinSaneV23496d ago

It's an actual glitch. There's a thread about it on the EA forums:

JustinSaneV23496d ago

More proof (might want to mute your PC before watching):

DJexs3496d ago

That looks very fake.

bruddahmanmatt3496d ago

This is legit. I've knifed the fence and brought down the building myself. I've also shot at that particular spot with the minigun from the Blackhawk and brought it down from the air as well. Pretty funny glitch actually.

Rocket Sauce3496d ago

I was hoping he'd use that defibrillator to shock the building back to life.

Microsoft Xbox 3603496d ago

I'm going to take advantage of this the next time I'm in that map. lulz

kancerkid3496d ago

Not that big of a deal considering that is a very easy Mcomm to capture anyway.

pimpmaster3496d ago

wtf.. that song is awesome dj khaled - all i do is win. i have it lol

Fanb0y3496d ago

Wow, it actually works.

And also, this glitch makes no sense. How do all the walls get blown out by knocking out two fences?

KwietStorm3496d ago

Thanks, Captain Obvious.

SixZeroFour3496d ago

i think it has something to do with the furnace/heater thingy on the other side of the wall...anyone try it on the other furnace/heater thing in that same building? see if it works in that spot as well

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Koblec3496d ago

There was a glitch similar to this in the PS3 beta. There was a rock that would randomly explode when you stepped on it. Quite funny. :D

JustinSaneV23496d ago

LMAO, I'm going to have to search for a video of that one!

zack613496d ago

Same sh*t happened to friend of mine. LOL

electricshadow3496d ago

Hahaha. That's great. I'm totally going to try that next time I'm on that map.

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The story is too old to be commented.