Crackdown 2: Exclusive Rocket Tag Gameplay HD

In Crackdown's world you play Tag with rockets--because touch-tag is for pansies.

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FangBlade3497d ago

Given how long ago the original one came out, it's a crime that the developer didn't make a brand new engine to power this game. It looks dated as hell, and some of those animations are straight up terrible.

Government Cheese3497d ago

Does not matter to me if it is fun to play.

Blaze9293497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

Don't you know? "fun" doesn't matter with games anymore -_-. It's all about teh grafix!

Only people who will probably not care about the visuals are the same fans that played the first game. I personally can't wait to play it. Graphics never came up as a concern to me with this game.

AridSpider3497d ago

that's all ps3 fanboys care about, the technical aspects of games now.

I'll be enjoying Cradkown 2 this July however. Can't wait to reek four player co-op havoc! Judging from the first two user comments, I'm not surprised its coming from them.

bioshock12213497d ago

Couldn't agree more Blaze it's a shame that a lot of gamers today seem to only care about graphics if it doesn't have amazing graphics then they just say its a crappy game. Plus it's not like it looks crappy it just has a unique art style the graphics look good for an open world game.

What about a game being fun which is why people play video games to begin with right. Anyways the first one was good it had it's problems but it was so much fun but the developer Ruffian seems to be fixing everything that was wrong with the first one.

MerkinMax3497d ago

I can't wait for this one. I think it has a pretty unique art style that keeps it distinct.

HolyOrangeCows3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

I'm not concerned with how it looks, it's how it plays that concerns me. Lock-on competitive multiplayer; may as well let the game play itself.

The campaign better be longer this time or I'm not buying. I gave into the first one because of the Halo 3 beta, but not this time.

Chubear3497d ago

All you guys above where ALL talking crap about MAGs graphics. Didn't care if it was fun with unprecedented new gameplay even though graphically it's the same or better than BFBC2 & MW2 online graphics.

But you now see a game that looks and plays essentially like a $9.99 downloadable game and all of a sudden it's about "fun" cause no other game is "fun" uh?

I'm sorry, but if I bought what they just showed for 60bucks, that would make me a sucker that knows little to nothing about gaming.

Bzone243497d ago

To sum up Chubear's post, he's just here to complain about this game because he's bitter about mag getting ragged on.

maxcer3497d ago

the developer of crackdown1 is making APB

MisterNiwa3496d ago

Did Crackdown always look this boring? I know there are lots of explosions in this gameplay video but its not really.. looking like fun.

Oh and at this comment about PS3 fanboys only caring about the technical terms and not the gameplay.

You know why that is so? Because the gameplay is always given for a PS3 Exclusive.
Thats why.

DelbertGrady3496d ago

"The campaign better be longer this time or I'm not buying."

Lets hope it's longer than God of War 3 at least. I'm kidding. Who gives a sh*t if the game is great, right? Your comment is just pure trollage.


Fangblade...the term dense comes to mind when I see your comments.

Back on topic: You're not going to get characters as detailed as the ones in Gears or Uncharted jumping around like that with those explosions and everything else. It just isn't going to happen. Of course the devs could have went for more realistic graphics but the fun game play would have took a HUGE hit. Seriously...this should be common sense.

JokesOnYou3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

If you played the original Crackdown this looks like they are trying to surpass what made the original so great.

If you haven't the original played Crackdown you missed out on a over the top crazy fun game.

@ Chubear MAG tries to set itself up as this realistic "large-warfare-scale-256p player shooter" but for me when you compare it to MW2 and BBC2 even with less players they are alot more fun than MAG.

Crackdown isn't hyped but either way its only billed as a open-world "go-blow-shiii-up game", it succeeds at that very, very well and compared to anything else in its genre like say Prototype its still on top, but Prototype was a decent game though.


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Natsu X FairyTail3497d ago

Haha the video was hilarious , I remember how much fun Crackdown 1 was online. and at the guy above CD was never about graphics. the game multiplayer is so huge People saw pass that.

can't wait for this one.

Fanb0y3497d ago

HA! I want it now! Is split-screen confirmed for this title?

HolyOrangeCows3497d ago

"Is split-screen confirmed for this title?"
I hope so.

Gradient3497d ago

Graphics are terrible, does anyone know the budget for this game?

Gradient3497d ago

That would explain the horrendous graphics.

I mean seriously, it looks like Red Steel 2 at a slightly lower framerate.

Gradient3497d ago

Also what's up with the framerate?

Raoh3497d ago

not really that impressed..

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