Neocrisis: Sonic and Pokemon are Diseases

Neocrisis: First off, i do not hate these two video game series at all. In fact i have played quite a few of them. However at the same time they are "Diseases." I am not talking about them being a bad game series. The truth in fact is that there are a few diseases that are named after these same series.

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TheColbertinator3496d ago

Well for Pokemon that is certainly the truth.As for Sonic its difficult to accept the downfall of such a gaming icon.I'm not giving up on Sonic yet especially with Sonic 4 coming up.

deno3490d ago

Yes pokemon is quiet the burden today. I grew up on the sega genesis and for me to see your writing is very displeasing. Sonic is not the best it has been since the genesis/ dreamcast days, but I can tell you sonic 4 looks very promising to me.