The Grumpy Gamer: Lack of Tech = Xbox For The Win?

Erik @ PS3Center writes:

So let me get this straight: the fact that Microsoft essentially hasn't kept up with storage technology is a good thing? Let's look at Final Fantasy XIII, which is a multiplatform release. On the PS3, it requires one Blu-ray disc. On the 360, it needs three DVD9 discs. Three! And, somehow, this equates Microsoft with winning?

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FangBlade3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

No flaimbait, no bs, just truth and facts.

presto7173502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

The truth is that DVD is old tech. Why do people argue? IT IS A LIMITATION. Its just that its too late now for MS to implement blu ray so they'll have to wait till next gen.

Cutting content from a game just because it wont fit on dvds sucks monkey balls. So what will MS do? Will they have to start shipping almost every game on 2,3,4 disks? They are thinking 10 years too right??

Yeah. Right......

rroded3502d ago

most of us know what the better deal is but still you cant expect ms ta say they messed up and the ps3 is a much better deal lol

tho this whole we have no b/r so we pawn thing seems kinda desperate sigh

Mike134nl3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

But thanks to this model Microsoft is exploiting the consumers. Profit isn't everything, Microsoft should drop their prices.

Tito083501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

Scratching discs, 3 red lights, E-74, expensive accesories, missing game content because of DVD, 54.2% hardware failure rate, you call that a better business model???? Total BS to be Honest with you bro, sorry to say this, but Microsoft has the worst hardware in history... I have a Genesis, Dreamcast, Saturn, and a PS3, and they all work.... I'm now on my 4th 360, so better business model, I don't think so!!!!!

GiantEnemyCrab3502d ago

The fact is all of this is irrelevant. The 360 cannot use Blu-ray at this stage of it's life so games on multiple disc's is the solution.

Why PS3 fanboys have to beat this into the ground is beyond me. Yes, not having BR in the 360 absolutely helped it save on costs and yes it is now effecting the games but THIS WILL NEVER CHANGE.

Like most of these article the author then goes into the "what if's" and starts to include an HDD, Wifi and all the things the author would want with his 360. But not everyone needs or wants all those things.. Some people just want to play a game, they don't care or want an HDD or even to connect it to the internet. You would be surprised how many people buy a 360 arcade and just Madden and that's it. These people are not focused on gaming, they don't care about gaming in general, they just want to play Madden with some friends on occasion. This is where MS beats Sony and not having a BR drive has helped appeal to this consumer.

presto7173502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

My cousin is a casual gamer. He has an xbox, but doesn't use LIVE. But even HE knew that it sucked how FFXII ( a game he had been waiting for) came on 3 separate disks (makes it that much harder to keep when there are little ones running around). Plus he can tell the different b/w HD and sub-HD so he knew something was up when "the game just didn't look right".

He's waiting for Splinter cell. Won't tell him it'll be in 576p though....

gauntletpython3502d ago

Is that confirmed? Splinter Cell at 576p?

Cyphers_Lock3502d ago

Point is, if you want to play on xbl you need the hard drive. Want to save your games? you need a hard drive. It should be included and isn't unless you spring for a higher model. Then the price equals and even exceeds the PS3 price. sorry but I want a complete system, not one I have to cobble together.

gaffyh3502d ago

MS gave a free memory cad though so that you can play online on all units now (technically), but you won't be able to download all the games I guess.

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