Lost Odyssey is better than FFXIII

VGArabia: I just finished FFXIII, and what I can say that it doesn't live up to my expectations. In fact, it isn't as good as Mistwalker's RPG Lost Odyssey, which in my opinion is the best JRPG this generation.

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Natsu X FairyTail3503d ago

Based on all the complaints about FFXIII I'd say yeah Lost odyssey is better. I played the game and it's one Traditional JRPG and it's one of the best rpgs i've played with Tales of vesperia on next gen consoles.

Genesis53503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

Well I guess that depends on your opinion. I have played them both and I think FF XIII is a far better game. LO had a good battle system. I played it in 1920x1080 on my PC and even that didn't help the graphics that much. The story was terrible.

You know there is a reason why it's sales never reached a million.

GameOn3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

That's funny because I wasn't aware there was a PC version of Lost Odyssey... That leads to the question, why are you lying? Hmmm LOL, I know why.

Julie3503d ago

I played LO on 360 and i love it the characters are loveable <3 and the battle system is fun , one thing i really did not like was the loading times i believe now must run better with the full install option i have to try :)

FFXIII i only have 2 days playing it on PS3 it is pretty solid and i can not put it down is addictive and the graphics are gorgeous o.o wow :)

In the end i love both games but then again i like RPGs a lot is hard for me to find an RPG i don't like :3

BTW N4G should have a OPINION type of news , it would help a lot for stories/blogs like this...

Genesis53503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

Sorry I got all confused I was thinking of the Last Remenant I bought off Steam. Never played Lost Odyssey my apologies.

Please disregard my above post because I don't what I'm talking about.

MmaFanQc3503d ago


Lost Odyssey was garbage.

WildArmed3503d ago

LO was probably the best JRPG i've played on 360 to date.

I havn't played FF13 yet, i get my free copy in a few weeks so then i'll pop it in to see.

So cud LO be better than FF13? most likely.
But I"m gonna hold out on judgement till i play ff13

callahan093503d ago

If you're really into traditional JRPG's then Lost Odyssey is a prime choice, but I personally feel that FFXIII is a brilliant game. I'm not entirely sure why it's CALLED Final Fantasy anything, because other than the presence of chocobo's it has little in common with any of the other games in the series, but I was in awe of the game for its story, battle system, and graphics.

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immortal843503d ago

is a great game and imo is the greatest JRPG this generation. FFXIII is a disappointment. Shame on Square-Enix.

GR8 13503d ago

Lost Odyssey that's why Exclusives are always better......FFXIII could have been even better if the game was xbox360 exclusive but due to it going Multi ps3 Gimped the game.

mrv3213503d ago

Don't feed the troll click disagree, report and move on.

2FootYard3503d ago

I agreed with him and bubbled him. What he is saying isn't at all accurate but he has spirit.

Nitrowolf23503d ago

lol yeah 360 version on multiple disc and 1080p cutscene
superior my a$$
dammit stop feeding him

SpoonyRedMage3503d ago

I think I too like Lost Odyssey more but both are awesome and neither are anywhere close to best JRPG this gen.

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