TheGamersHub: God Of War 3 Video Review

TGH Writes:

"Kratos is back, meaner than ever & he is hungry for vengeance. Consumed by rage, Kratos will slice,dice, kill, burn & dismember anything that gets in his way, he will not stop until his quest for vengeance is over. This is one of the most anticipated games of 2010 but does it live up to all the hype? Will we get the epic conclusion to the God of War Trilogy that we hoped for? Or will we be asking for our money back? Let's find out!"

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this guy totally robbed Adam Sessler's whole god3 review style.

ShadyDevil3501d ago

There can only be very few ways that video reviews can be done. So...someone is bound to be copied.


i've read at least 20 to 30 reviews for this game,and while some were "theoretically" the same,most stood out from the usual "cookie-cutter " format and really pulled you into the review.This guy just blatantly took key lines from adam sessler's review.Pathetic.....I award him no points and may God have mercy on his soul!!!